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Well hello, today is your very lucky day! why did you ask? I'll tell you why its because today you get to join me on my YouTube journey! I know I know you need to pinch yourself as you can't believe this is actually happening to you lol.

But honestly, I would love to have your support, with your help ill be able to create awesome new content and buy the equipment needed to do it. ill also be able to promote the channel to a wider audience in which will gain the momentum I need to get the subscribers and watch time.

my vision is to react to the worlds most crazy videos but here's the great part its all down to you the supporters to choose what I react to giving the viewers what they want to see not what I or YouTube assume they want to see

This to me is not about fame nor is it about getting super rich ( hard to believe right?) but its true, just over 3 years ago I came down with a long-term illness putting a hold on my ambitions I could of easily just given up but luckily I have a great support system, I had to think what can I do that I would enjoy to which wouldn't cause me to much pain in the process! then i thought to my self while watching YouTube i could do this as ive always been the funny guy so why not let others see that and ill be able to hopfully bring a smile to peoples faces as to me thats my number one priority.

I would like to thank you so very much for even reading and i hope you can join me and join the success to come! Thank you!link to Looney Baboonie YouTube channel
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When i reach $500 per month i will start a special podcast where i interview 1 patron each month !
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