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is creating Awesome Homebrew magic items to spice up your campaigns !

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Lutecia’s Loot

reward item
reward item
per month
  • New magic items with hi-res art every week day.
  • Access to all previous magic items (over200 pieces of art and 500 items with rarity variants).
  • Digital tarot cards for print-’n’-play.
  • Access to polls such as the next item themes.
  • Discord role: Smugglers
Includes Discord benefits

L’Arsène’s Archives

reward item
reward item
per month
  • Everything in the previous tier;
  • Beautifully illustraded PDF item compendium;
  • Foundry-VTT ready item compendium;
  • Discord role: Tinkerer, with access to #workshop channel;
  • Access to all the collab content in which we’re involved.
Includes Discord benefits

Heliana’s Hunts

reward item
reward item
per month
  • Everything in the previous tier;
  • Monster hunt standalone PDFs;
  • Foundry-VTT-ready monster hunt (1/month, accessed 1 month earlier than everywhere else);
  • Top-down tokens for the VTT of your choice;
  • Monster tamer class, plus new subclasses and familiars;
  • Heliana’s bestiary, a compendium of the hunts’ monsters;
  • 50% Discount on our online store’s digital content.
  • Discord role:Monster Hunter role with access to exclusive #Hunters lounge channel.
Includes Discord benefits




per month

About Loot Tavern

I love nothing more that pleasing my beloved Patrons with Wonders and treasures. Bringing excitement and joy in their games. And Above all Doing what I love since I can remember : Drawing and Playing.

Everything that Will happen will be thanks to all of you and I can't wait to discuss, exchange and get to know each other either on  INSTAGRAM  or DISCORD .

Thank you for your Patronage!

$100 - reached! per month
When we reach 100$ per month, I will start uploading regularly on a digital shared compendium with all the items and added Lore.
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