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Access all archived Patron only posts here, and support the community service work through my blog https://LoraOBrien.ie and the YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMwf9Mkk6Kfs9RR6wwWCp1Q

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You can access the Foundation Class - Level One Guided Journeys - from my Meditation and Journeying system completely free... but if you do want to support this work with a little something each month, here you are. This class (and the 5 Journey Series that comes with it) will get you started with Guided Journeys on the Irish Pagan School -  https://irishpaganschool.com/p/level-one-2020 

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Tales of Old Ireland
You'll receive a unique audio recording of one of my short 'Tales of Old Ireland' stories every month.

About Lora O'Brien

Do You Want to Connect to Ireland?
I'm here, walking this land every day, with the expertise and the experience to facilitate your authentic connection to Ireland - our history, our culture, our mythology, our ancestry, our native spirituality.

By becoming a Patron here, you are joining a community of like minded people, those with family and ancestral connections to Ireland, and those who don't have bloodlines here, but feel the pull of this land nonetheless. To those who already support this work - go raibh maith agaibh.
Thank you.

If you'd like to join us - you can choose your experience from a range of options each month:
  • Supporting a native Irish creator and Priest for writing and community service.
  • Sharing in seanchaí stories; the intuitional interpretation and re-telling of old Irish tales.
  • Transcript and downloadable audio files for a monthly guided journey/meditation using my unique native 'Journeying in the Irish Otherworld' method (limited places available).
  • Personal photography and video diaries from our monthly visits to ancient sites around Ireland.
  • Membership of the Author's Club - exclusive access to new books in creation.
  • Invited access to a monthly online Irish Paganism class, and class download files after (limited places available).
  • A one-to-one online consultation session to help you explore and interact with all of these Rewards (limited places available).

While I've been practicing a pagan path myself for over 25 years (consciously), and I am a priestess of the old Gods of Ireland, your religious views are your own business - this Irish connection is for anyone who is open to it. I'm a professional journalist, a traditionally published author, an experienced educator and guide, who has been teaching about Ireland world-wide, as well as facilitating seekers who come to set their feet on Irish soil and fill their senses with our stories, for the last 15 years. 

In 2016, I moved from a career position (Irish heritage management and visitor/seeker guiding) in County Roscommon, to living and working in an area that was (and still is, really) new to me, County Waterford in the South of the island. It's exciting! I'm exploring and learning new things about this county, this region; creating fresh connections for myself, and I'd love to share that journey with you... as well as travelling anywhere else on this island the path may take us.

The pledges run from $1 to $500 per month, with tangible and valuable rewards at each stage, so you can choose from different pledge levels with a budget that suits you, and get some of that growth and connection at whatever level you like, now or in the future.

Just pick your Reward and let's get you connected!

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