is creating Bots for Discord (D&D, moderation, etc.)

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Bot Noob

per month
Eternal graditude.
Gives you a shiny green role color in the Discord.
No special access, sorry.
Includes Discord benefits

Bot Sergeant

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You will receive a special role in my Discord (Bot Sergeant).

This role grants you access to beta/rc versions of my bots that are not yet ready for the general populi.

Includes Discord benefits

Bot Lieutenant

per month

Same as all previous tiers and:

Access to a role that allows you to use 5eCrawler functions in Alpha state.

(Which currently is homebrew support)

In addition, if you require, access to my hosted version of GithubCrawler. I will add your server and do all the setup so you can link your project and your discord to your github repo for issue and suggestion tracking.

Includes Discord benefits




per month

About LordDusk


My name is Tim, but most of you will know me by the name of Dusk

I dabble in creating bots for Discord. So far I have created 4 of them that are publicly available.

5eCrawler - 5th Edition D&D information lookup bot, also has some play by post features (talk as monsters for instance.)
DiscordCrawler - A Discord moderator bot. Has options for creating polls, anonymous posting (for reports/complaints), purging of messages, and a bunch of other options.
PokemonCrawler - Pokemon information lookup bot, shows pokemon data, evolution chains, tm information, etc.
GithubCrawler - This bot connects Github with Discord, so that you can report issues, or suggest features through the discord servers.

I have no clue what I can offer you, but some people asked me to make Fantasy Grounds tutorials, and normal D&D 101's. So we'll see.
$100 - reached! per month
Think of a goal. As I currently have no idea.
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