Lorddimertelo2231 is creating Youtube videos,songs and more!

$1 /mo
Your contribution helps me afford high-quality sound and video effects. The benefit is high-quality videos for the audience.

$5 /mo
I will include your screen name in a "Thank You" list at the end of my videos.

$10 /mo
I will review a TV show or other work of other fiction of your choice, including fan works. (No pornography).

$20 /mo
Access to Patron Only Skype group. Make sure to message me on Skype that you are a part of this reward group.

$30 /mo
All previous rewards included. You want to do a collab good sir or madam? Count me in! This'll get you the chance to do a collab with me!

$50 /mo
A thank you video dedicated to YOU. I will promote anything you wish in this video seeing as you are generously supporting my work and creativity.ALL PREVIOUSLY MENTIONED REWARDS.

$100 /mo
WOW. ALL PREVIOUSLY MENTIONED REWARDS. Need help with something small? Count me in!

$200 /mo
All previous rewards, I will also do voice work and shoutouts to a project you are working on! You will also recieve the elusive steam friend request, so we can hangout!