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 This Tier and ALL TIERS - every Patron dollar contributed to LoreCraft can, upon request of the Patron, be used towards the purchase of a sculpture +5% made by Nicholas Brown (LoreCraft).  This means every dollar ever given, cumulatively, can be essentially "Cashed In" if there's ever a sculpture I've made, that is for sale (original or duplicate), used towards its purchase.  So if you've been around a long while, and you've given 5$ a month for 20 months, you can use the 105$ towards your purchase.  

 Additionally, you gain access to Patron only news and updates, and my personal thanks :)

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All previous perks (cumulative rewards, "cash in"), plus:

I will include private links for access to tutorial videos whenever I upload such a video.  I do these infrequently, and they are on the second channel, "LoreCraft Tutorials".   You get "early access" to these videos.  You can also request specific types of tutorial videos and I can try to accommodate based on collective feedback.

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All previous perks (cumulative rewards, "cash in"), plus:

At this tier I will answer any replies regarding advice and/or suggestions for your personal projects you may be engaging in (sculpting, painting, etc).  I will try to be as helpful as possible, offer descriptions, and directions.   You can also ask me whatever you like aside from this, or just say "what's up, LoreCraft?".  



About LoreCraft

Hey all,
    I'm trying to re-enliven the viability of the "Renaissance Man".  I'm technically an academic, working on a Phd in behavioural and brain sciences, but I'm also big into fitness, and various artistic endeavours.
   I used to play with clay when I was a kid, and I always enjoyed the process of transforming thoughts into physical objects.  Mainly, I am drawn to the Fantasy Genre, full of it's various creatures of both the dark and the light, and this is primarily the content that I both enjoy making and seem best able to generate.  
I never took my artistry seriously - but I always wondered... could I actually do this?   I reached a point where it was "now or never".  The convergence of enough time, space, and spare change allowed me to invest in some blocks of clay, sculpting tools, and even an airbrush gun and paints.  I've never had any professional training in this area, so whatever you see me produce, it's likely me stretching myself further into unknown territory - space I've never occupied before as I test my limits.  
     So far, I am really enjoying this.  I love making these, and I'm super pleased with the responses I've gotten, both on and offline.   
     But that all said, I am literally making these on my kitchen table, in my kitchen.  I have the airbrush out in the little garage I restored (it was falling down around my ears) in this studio flat I rent, and clay and paints get expensive!  So anyone that feels like supporting the work, please feel free!  Any contribution would be enormously appreciated, no matter how small.  
    If I am doing this in my kitchen with little supplies and limited space, imagine what we could do with a proper shop!  
    Any questions, comments, please feel free to contact me, and thanks all for your interest and support!  -  Nicholas Brown

P.S.  I want to offer more perks here at Patreon, so if anyone has some suggestions for reward ideas that are feasible, feel free to send me a message.
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Restock Clay supplies and airbrush paints.
   Yes, I can sculpt all day, but the stock runs low!  Need to resupply clays, polymer clays, resin, and airbrush paints, as well as accessories (cleaning tools and solutions, sandpaper, etc), and the uber expensive platinum casting silicone.
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