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About Lorelai.

I am phasing out my laser cut acrylic jewellery by the end of this year, so you don't want to miss out on my last few pieces! I have big plans for 2020, and I will need your support on here even more!

This is now the place where I will be showing you behind the scenes of my new project, Plastic Dystopia.
In this project I will be imagining a hypothetical dystopian future where new materials are no longer produced, so citizens have to get creative with existing materials.
I will be exploring the incorporation of single use plastic waste and reclaimed fabrics and jewellery in to wearable and home decor pieces.

Thank you so much for choosing to join me on this journey. 
Lorelai x
$48 of $150 per month
I am using my Patreon funds to buy tools/equipment for my new project.
Next on my list is a fretsaw
When I reach $150 I will be able to buy one!
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