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What is Lorwolf?

Lorwolf is a browser-based pet simulation game currently in development. Users will be able to create their own fully customizable Lorwolf that will lead the pack as they bite, claw, and rip their way through the chaotic lands of Loria. Our game will feature rewarding level progression, exciting battles, a comprehensive breeding system, and a world full of locations and rich histories to explore. 

Users will be able to choose between four available packs (Murkwood, Icerun, Goldsea, and Darkspine) and their respective territories when beginning the game. These packs will have their own unique storylines and quests to adventure through, which will unlock world-wide endgame events.

Game Features we hope to include
  • 4 different packs with unique quests
  • A map of the territories with different places to explore 
  • A rewarding leveling system
  • Auto combat, both NPC and PVP
  • Customizable starting Lorwolf with choice between 3 starting breeds
  • A breeding system based on part genetics, part fantasy 
  • Community hub with forums and how-to guides 
  • Endgame content such as dungeons and raids
  • A variety of unlockable abilities 
  • User-submitted skin and accent competitions
  • A wardrobe and appearance workshop to preview different looks
  • Ranking system where users can view the top Lorwolves and Packs

Why Patreon?

You can consider Lorwolf a puppy in terms of development. We are a small, two-person team with limited time and resources at our disposal, which means our game will take quite a while to create. But with your support, we can work faster and more efficiently to make Lorwolf everything we want it to be. Your generosity will aid us in acquiring important artistic software, bigger and better servers, and other assets essential to development. Any contribution is greatly appreciated, your support means the world to us 

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