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About Digital Enchilada

This podcast has been a labour of love for me since starting it with Jay in 2015. This labour started with watching and analysing both the English and Japanese episodes of Digimon alongside each other, recording weekly for over three years and fortnightly for two years and, for four years, dragging Jay, kicking and screaming, through the series.

While Jay and I have finished covering all of Digimon and compared what there is to compare, there's still more that I would really like to do with the podcast, including expanding to an additional and separate podcast in the future.

In addition, I've revamped our Patreon since I first set it up in late 2015. Here is a list of our previously met milestones:
  • $50: This will the cover costs of barebones production. 2015-12-23
  • $70: YouTube and May and friends played and uploaded footage of the Digimon Adventure Board Game. 2016-01-19
  • $100: Let's Plays to YouTube and May's upload of the self insert fanfic written in '05. 2016-01-30
  • $150: Previous and future podcast episodes uploaded to YouTube. May and Jay did a reading of the 2005 self insert fanfiction. May and friends played and uploaded footage of them playing the Digimon Adventrue 02 board game. 2016-09-19
  • $200: Website was set up and Serial Experiments Lain was covered on the Podcast (coverage completed in mid 2018). 2017-01-27
  • $250: Better quality equipment was purchased. 2017-04-02
  • $300: Digimon Manga coverage (V-Tamer, Next, and Chronicle covered as of mid 2018, but the milestone was lost so D-Cyber onwards was not covered). This milestone will be revisited. 2017-04-13
2021 revamp since I do lots of videos now! Here are the old goals that may get re-added one day if we need more ideas. These have mostly been removed as these goals don't really fit the new formats.
  • $150: Hexagon Digimon Board Game: Coverage of the JAPANESE Digimon table top Hex board game. This includes translating the rules as well as learning to play and recording a playthrough.
  • $200: Digimon Manga: The podcast continue will continue its manga coverage, continuing on from D-Cyber onwards.
  • $250: Digimon Chronicle: The Audio Drama: An Audio Drama-type podcast covering Digimon Chronicle with guest voices of friends of the show will be produced
  • $300: Lost in Translationmon, the script!! This is a very requested feature, and, having looked into it, I've realised it will cost us some amount of money. I am talking about having all of our episodes transcribed so that people who are hearing impaired can also enjoy our content.
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Digimon Universe Appli Monsters Video Series
One weekly review video per episode review of around ten minutes each and an additional overview episode at the end.
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