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Hey Guys, 
My name is Chris, I am a Dad, Husband, Jeweller, Fixer, Occasional songwriter, Surfer, and I have a terrible sense of direction. Last night I went to the bathroom and couldn't remember which way to turn to get back to our bedroom. For real.

If you are here, it probably means you have a bit of an idea of what I do, and find my videos helpful or inspiring or something like that. 
As you have probably noticed, I make a lot of patterns and sell them to create a bit of an income for me and my family.  The thing is, there are a lot more ideas that I would like to share with you, but to be honest, I am pretty much tied to creating sellable patterns until my income can feed us on a regular basis:) 
So, here's my thought. If you would like to see some of the ideas in my brain that I haven't yet put on video, you can pledge to support me for anything from $1 a month. 
You can check out the different levels of bonus stuff for my patrons and I am excited to create a place where people can have more access to me and I can share a bit more info than I am able to squeeze into a 5 minute youtube video. 

And hey, no pressure, I have still got lots of pattern ideas brewing in my head….

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-You get access to my members only patron newsfeed
-That also means you get first priority on questions asked anywhere on the internet!
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-All the benefits of the previous reward plus some extra love for chipping in that little bit more. Good on ya!
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- All lower level rewards
-You get free copies of any new patterns I release 
-You get to view my videos 24 hours before they are released publicly

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-All lower level rewards
- Access to my patterns while they are being created- sometimes I have a pattern mostly finished a month before it is released. You get to take it and have a play with it before anyone else in the whole world!
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this is just getting crazy. But if you are up for it, We can have a one on one Skype call and chat about whatever…Your projects, ideas, videos….
$50 – reached! per month
Right now I am using some chair legs and a set of legs from a drum kit as my light stands. The guys at the shipping company said it would take two months to ship our goods over here. Two months later, they are still sitting on a dock somewhere. I gotta get me some stands!
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