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About Lost in the Movies

For over a decade I have been writing about film and television, and for most of that time I have also been creating visual tributes, multimedia explorations, personal film projects, and most notably, video essays. These video essays have placed on several best-of-the-year round-ups and been screened at the Vienna Film Museum. My most popular work is Journey Through Twin Peaks, an in-depth guide to that classic series that includes the video “7 Facts About Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me” providing context for and analysis of the misunderstood Twin Peaks movie.

As I celebrate the tenth anniversary of my site LostInTheMovies.com I will continue to create works in all these categories (including Journey videos for season 3 and a renewed Twin Peaks character series, with colorful, revealing entries on over eighty individuals). I will also be providing Patreon-exclusive monthly podcasts featuring updates on works in progress, responses to recently-viewed films and shows, reflections on Twin Peaks, and explorations of my own archives, as well as a monthly Twin Peaks rewatch podcast for a second tier of patrons (each episodes will become available to all patrons six months after its premiere for the other tier).

Thank you so much to everyone, no matter how much (or if) they can support this work, for reading, watching, sharing, and responding. Since that first blog post sent into the void nearly a decade ago, this engagement has meant so much to me and I look forward to continuing it going forward.

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