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Playing with Paper Boats
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Watch (and learn) or laugh (and cry)...as it's own reward...and enjoy the posts that result from this adventure. With enough people coming aboard at this level, we can achieve our monthly goals, and just get on with the Creative goals.

Rollocks aka Rowlocks
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Oars are great. 

But when you don't have rowlocks...oars are all but useless. 

And only one rowlock is no good...you need both.

(Allow me to send you a Digital album or Two).

Limited (46 of 50 remaining)
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It has the virtues of being both easy to tie and untie; most notably, it is easy to untie after being subjected to a load. The bowline is sometimes referred as King of the knots because of its importance. 

(You will receive a signed signed copy of Soliloquy upon joining).

(Allow me to send you 2 Digital Albums). 

(And from this level, upwards, you will be able to View "HERO" - the Short Film from 2007). 




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Join Me as 

my Virtual Crew 

and Personal Patrons 

as I undertake the 

process of writing a


and recording a 



whilst also sharing 

Photos, Videos and Journals

of Sailing.

As a PATRON, you can enjoy the dry, safe
comfortable way
to sail 
with me, 
and have exclusive access
to the 
Stories, Journals, Video Logs
and Music 
along the way from
only $1/month. 

Throughout my music, 

you may have heard themes of the Sea.

This is not only because of the romance 

of the notion.

I have had a genuine, personal life-long 

love affair with Sailing.

You are invited to come aboard 

while WE create new 

music, literature and art.



"Forthwith this frame of mind was wrenched, 
With a woeful agony,
Which forced me to begin my tale; 
And then it left me free"
(Samuel Taylor Coleridge).
$252 of $750 per month
This is all about launching something AND getting to the other side. At this stage in my musical career, it helps to know that my audience is with me on the long haul before I begin a creative undertaking that will be costly and take up years of my life. This is just what happens when you are an Independent Artist. So, having regular Patrons helps me in my plight to get to the other shore. My financial goals are modest. They are the "means to the end". Having "just enough" is plenty. It is very little in the greater scheme. But it will make the world of difference. 

What I am trying to achieve here, is to give something back to my Patrons while I am in the midst of writing and working on my current projects. And it just so happens, that this is happening while I am doing some sailing. And if you want to understand how that came about, and what it is about the Sea that inspires me, then you may be interested enough to become a Patron. 

Sailing itself isn't too expensive, and on that matter, neither is buying a boat when compared to the cost of a modern car. But the basics add up. Registration, Insurance, Food stocks, Diesel, Water storage, Maintenance, and Repairs. Of course, an ongoing income, and a backup, for the unforeseen...all need to be considered too, if you're going to undertake lengthy voyages seriously. It’s a case of hope for the best and prepare for the worst. There is no pulling up to the side of the road!

And when you're in port, the cost goes up exponentially for berthing, or even moorings. Being safe at sea, and able to remain "off grid" means expensive electrical and navigation systems, and safety equipment and no shortcuts on provisions. They are ALL indispensable. So this amount per month, will allow us to maintain a running ship as a vehicle for our Artistic voyage.

At this early stage I would like to be able to purchase better camera and recording equipment to not only achieve a greater cinematic experience for everyone, but to capture the sounds and sights of the Big Blue, and even be able to film inside the cabin in low-light conditions on those more bleak and blurry days.

And there's always more technology we require that can enable us to make the process of recording music and film easier and more professional. At this stage I am limited to short iPad videos, a budget version of a Go-Pro for “action” shots, and a basic laptop for my sit-down Video Blogs. I am hoping to invest in a couple of Go Pros which are able to film underwater,  being waterproof, high quality and lightweight...perfect for a boat in all conditions. Some better mics and an appropriately sized piano/keyboard will also enhance my ability to write and record, as I prepare the Album and the Audiobook.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 94 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 94 exclusive posts
Audio releases
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