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Hi! I'm a writer who edits the online children's magazine JUMP! I created the mag because 1) it's fun - I've been creating zines since I was a kid  2) many kids in Alamance County, NC, don't have the same learning resources my family has.

My goal in doing Patreon is to raise funds to print as many copies of JUMP! as possible and hand out copies for free to:
  • Alamance County libraries
  • Alamance public schools (who wish to have copies)
  • other venues who wish to have copies (day care centers, churches, etc...)
I have an MFA in creative writing and have published several articles and ebooks. For my patrons, I'll be posting writing and publishing tips, video updates of how I put together the magazine, and excerpts from my ebooks. Maybe some freebies, too!
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The Printing Press
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For helping pay for essential ink and paper to print the magazine, you will receive:

- a cute, colorful JUMP! magnet

- access to ALL posts and videos

- a wonderful feeling of contentment!

The Electric Typewriters
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For helping keep the words flying and the creative spirit flowing, you will receive:

- a colorful JUMP! magnet

- access to all the posts and videos here

- customized "rap" thank-you message on one of our videos

The Laser Printers
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You provide the fuel for taking JUMP! to farther and better places! You'll receive:

- a stylish and colorful JUMP! reusable grocery bag

- access to all the videos and posts  here

- a shout-out in the "Sponsors" section of the magazine for one issue

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When I reach 10 patrons, I will be able to print at least 15 copies of the magazine to give to the children's section of an Alamance County library.
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