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is creating Love Grows is a 501(c)4 all volunteer non-profit human collectiv

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About Love Grows

To be or not to be……. Sovereign, :completely independent and self governing.
We have begun to see the universal frequency of truth called the great awakening or the apocalypse- the illusion of control can only have power over anyone if you give it away with your free will.
To become Sovereign beings the truth of Universal Laws and how to apply them in everyday life is the key.
This 501(c)4 is not a charity- this is a community organization and we are in service to the human collective consciousness and the ascension of Gaia.
We can not give you a tax credit but it does keep all our donations and whom they came anonymous.
To donate via PayPal [email protected]
Love Grows Gaia is a group of families and individuals who follow universal laws and have traveled with each other or alone to activate Sovereignty throughout the land. Each individual who removes themselves from the systems are in need of transmutations into abundance through a process. It takes “time” to awaken to the deep state and then separate yourself from it.
The Omniverse is not complicated it’s actually quite simple – everything is frequency and the frequency of the planet you have been gifted an experience with. Universal laws Overrides all man made laws and all dark forces with an angenda. Apply Gaia’s free will to bring them here then integrate them with your truth – they will continue to override the frequency of lack, control. To claim your free will along with the right to self govern is called ascension and brings Illumination to all around you.
1~ Law of One – unconditional love we are all a fractal of Source.
2~ Law of Purpose
3~ Law of Potential
4~ Law of Grace
5~ Law of Surrender
6~ Law of Action
7~ Law of Rhythm
8~ Law of Free Will
9~ Law of Vibration
10~ Law of Cause & Effect
11~ Law of Wisdom
12~ Law of Evolution
13~ Law of Polarity
WHAT IS A 501(c)4?
We are under the Social Welfare category and the volunteers donate all or most of our own income as well- if they are going through the process of becoming a live Sovereign being in the USA this is a process.
We are a Not For Profit – meaning unlike charitable organizations ( that can pay thier people) — 100% of all monitory, land, RVs and trailers, vehicles, food, solar generators, gift cards and clothing that are given to Love Grows Gaia is returned to Sovereign beings. Pulling yourself and your families out of the corporation of the United States Of America can be a massive change. We continue so that we can assist those who are ready to do so. Unity consciousness is what we are.
This is not just here it is world wide – all humanity has a universal right and truth to have their Sovereignty and ability to self govern.
While changes are happening rapidly and will in the years to come, unity consciousness as a collective will develop.

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