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I believe the personal is political.  How you live, how you communicate, who you connect with - it all makes a difference.  I try to live by my principles, as fearlessly as possible, and to pioneer new ways of loving and living.  I know that some people have found value in me sharing these experiences - by sharing we can choose to work together, and be the change we want to see in the world.  It's about hope, love and consent.
Patrons supporting here enable me to do more of the things I'm best at.  I could do so much more with my time, if I wasn't always thinking about how to pay the bills. 
Your support means I can:
- imagine, think and write more, including my blog on alternative ways to form and develop radical and intimate human relationships
- support my communities - coaching, enabling and engaging with artists, activists and people involved in building consent culture
- create new projects and collaborate with others to produce shareable resources for teaching and learning radical approaches to consent
This work is personal, and it is political.  It makes a difference, and makes change, one person at a time - with your support, it can reach more people.  With your support I can do more, and feel less pressure to do less useful things to get by. 
And with enough support I can lever other, larger funding for larger projects, via people/organisations with resources and via public funders to support and develop the work of  With your support we can work towards building and growing a movement for change, together.
Every small contribution makes a difference, and enables me to do more. 
Sincerely, I thank you for your help 
Jenny x
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