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About Danhausen

Welcome to Danhausen's patreon page. Danhausen is an independent wrestler based out of Michigan. I have been a traveling independent wrestler going on 7 years now. I've wrestled all over the US and parts of Canada for companies such as Absolute Intense Wrestling (OH), Black Label Pro (IN), Limitless (ME), Inspire Pro (TX), Dreamwave (IL), Ronin Pro (FL),  C4 Wrestling (Ottowa, ON), Alpha 1 (ON) to name too many. By supporting this page, you’ll be helping me achieve my goal of wrestling full time, letting me see my wife and stepdaughter way more. 

As I'm trying to transition out of normal human work, balance time seeing my wife and stepdaughter in Montreal and into full time Danhausen mode where I can wrestle full time and see my family whenever I need. In return, I’ll be providing backstage photos/video, exclusive merch deals, personal life photos/video, behind the scenes wrestling footage and updates on my life.

Love That Danhausen.
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Once Danhausen reaches $500 a month, he will be able to travel to wreslte more, frequently release more merchandise and more exclusive video content. Danhausen will then do a weekly YouTube show. 
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