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Hell Peep
/ month
As a denizen of hell under a minor Duke, you are free to wander the strange and shifting realities of this Lovely Hellplace.

  • Access to developer updates
  • Access to archived short games
  • Discord Access
  • My eternal gratitude
  • Discord access 
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Hell Duke
/ month
As a demon of importance, you’re invited to all the parties. You’re privy to the most heinous gossip in Pandemonium's dungeon palaces.

  • Digital subscription to Lovely Hellzine (released sporadically)
  • All previous benefits
  • Discord access 
Profane Lord
/ month
Blessed with an unholy administerial role, you are sent envelopes with terrible secrets, not meant for unworthy eyes. Plus, you've got a great dental plan.

  • Print edition of Lovely Hellzine sent to your house (A6 size)
  • Ships worldwide
  • All previous benefits

Note: New Hellzine releases are currently quite sporadic, but I'll happily send out back issues.

  • Discord access 



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