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For those that like my work and want to support, but aren’t looking for anything serious right now. 

-Access to the Patreon-only blog, which will include whatever I happen to find worth posting. Likely step-by-step illustrations, sneak peeks of current projects, podcasts, movie reviews, etc. I typically post five days or so out of the week, with normal days off being Sundays and Wednesdays.

-Early Access to any of my creator-owned comics, as well as some of the work-for-hire stuff. Stories include THE d20 DETECTIVE AGENCY, THE FINAL LINE, GUTTER KNIGHTS, WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING, etc. Additionally, the two comic strips I'm currently working on, being ALWAYS KINDA ITCHY and THE PARANET PALS, are posted here first. 


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For those that like my work and the comics and want to support, and are down to chip in a bit more than a buck. 

- All of the same benefits from the $1 tier, plus your name printed in the thank you section of any printed books I put out. Be it new issues of my self-published comics, the Always Kinda Itchy Collections, etc. 

-Monthly Digital Art Pack: Sent out on the last day of the month, you'll receive a set of high res jpegs of a handful of illustrations and art pieces. Most of them will be from posts from the previous month, some will be exclusive. You'll get a link sent to you, where you can download the files to use as backgrounds for your phone or computer, or even print em off your self for your walls. These are for personal use ONLY, and any commercial use of these images will not be tolerated. 

-PDF's of all LOWSIDE COMICS publications, prior to their release date. (This includes books that have already been put out, including ELECTRIC HANGOVER #1, PLOTSICK #1, ALWAYS KINDA ITCHY #1&2, DEVIL BY MORNING: SKETCHBOOK VOL. 01, BLESS THESE BRITTLE BONES: SKETCHBOOK VOL. 2, and YOU DO IT: A PRINT AT HOME COLORING BOOK)


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reward item
per month
For those that like my work, want to support, and also want some stuff.

- All previous benefits (early access to the webcomic, process videos, etc. Everything posted to the feed.) 

-Your name printed in the thank you section of any printed works that I self publish (comics, Always Kinda Itchy collections, etc) 
- Monthly Digital Art Pack.

 -Monthly Print Club: Each month there will be a featured print that will be available for sale on my website. As a member of this tier, YOU will get the monthly print as part of your membership! These will be sent out quarterly (every three months) to save on shipping costs. Additionally, while the prints will be available on my website, the ones that you'll get through this support tier will be exclusive in some way (different color scheme, linework edition, signed and numbered, etc.)  



About Lowside Comics

Hi. My name is Adam Mathison-Sward. I've been a working artist for around 12 years now. Primarily illustrating and tattooing, I’ve also spent time on stage and in studio with various musical projects, and some sporadic appearances in the Minneapolis stand-up comedy scene. I do a bit of podcasting now and then. I also make a webcomic called Always Kinda Itchy that some folks seem to like.

I’ve starting a Patreon for two primary reasons. Firstly, I am not great at promoting or even always making people aware of all the misadventures I get up to creatively. Being that the stuff I find myself working on varies rather widely across mediums and interests, this provides a place to share all of things I do on a daily basis. Secondly, while I enjoy the variety of the freelance illustration work and tattoos that I get the chance to do, I also have a small mountain of personal projects that I’d like to have see the light of day. Or at least the light of your phone/tablet/computer.  Hence, LOWSIDE COMICS will be the label under which I release my creator-owned comic work. I'm hoping through providing a worthy behind the scene relationship with the people that support my work, as well as some exclusive content, I might be able to free up time to get those projects off the shelf and out in to the world.

Some of the content posted here will pretty much be exclusive to the Patreon, like my webcomic ALWAYS KINDA ITCHY, the all ages paranormal adventure series THE D20 DETECTIVE AGENCY, and the apocalyptic black comedy THE END IS SIGH.

Other projects will be posted here before they are available anywhere else, like the Dresden Files fan-comic THE PARANET PALS, the high fantasy buddy comedy GUTTER KNIGHTS, and the forthcoming REAPING TOM. 

Other posts will include reviews of books and comics and music, general ramblings, process shots from in-progress pieces, loads of stuff from my archives of work, etc. 

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