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Hello, my name is Luc, and I am a freelance artist!

I spend most of my work time illustrating for children's books, but I love drawing all sorts of character concepts sparking from my imagination. From Pokemon and other fanworks, to unique monsters and biblical style angels and beyond, if I thought of it, I was always able to translate it beautifully into something many people have come to admire and adore.

Most of my money comes from commissions and adoptable sales, and I want to keep dedicating time to this passion of mine. I have never been so happy as to find my art is loved by so many- be it people who have seen it grow and evolve over many years to new people who I'm getting to meet for the first time. The support I've gotten over all these years has kept me going through thick and thin.

Being an artist full time is pretty tough, so Patreon funds will be able to help me cover small costs that I need covered while presenting you guys with the works of art I am proud to create while giving you guys a chance to take home one of my creations as your own!

What's most important for me is that I make it clear that while I may not have rewards or anything for being a part of my Patreon (at this current time), it's because I only want people to pitch in if they feel financially capable, and that people who are capable don't have to give too much (which is why the only tier is set at 1$). Over time, I'll add more tiers with tangible rewards.
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