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About Amber Hall

My name is Amber, and I'm a hard of hearing artist living and working in the greater Cleveland Ohio area! Welcome to my Patreon page of awesome things!

This Patreon was created to help me do more of the creative things I love to do!

Currently I spend a lot of time at a day job to cover my bills, even staying longer whenever I can for whatever few extra dollars I can get which cuts into my creative time like crazy!

Any funds that may come to me through this project will go towards helping me pay bills so that I can take more time getting back to what I love, being creative! I've got a lot of projects I'd like to tackle in order to share them with you all! I'll be eternally grateful to know that you love my crazy things as much as I do!




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I would like to thank anyone who reads this for just coming to my page, whether you're setting up to be a patron or just browsing, thanks for just taking the time to stop by! Please feel free to spread links to this page if you can't make a pledge of your own, every link helps.

In the future, if this project really gets off the ground and I get to a super regular schedule of finished works I would like to start showing up at conventions with a table for people to purchase prints and other little goodies and to interact with the people who enjoy what I do.

I will be branching out from just drawings and paintings into sculpture and wearable art as well as anything else I can think of! So if you want to see what I get up to, please consider signing up for even just $1, because every single dollar helps, even just sharing my page around your feed helps too!

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