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-"Chai" means "life" in Hebrew... for the cost of a cup of chai (tea), join me with your fave cup of beverage and enjoy life-enriching creative releases of my latest creative and spiritual adventures as a visionary artist, seeker of all things wondrous and beautiful

-Monthly Live Blessing Circle with Lucinda Rae on Zoom. Bring your prayer requests and inspirations...

May your cup runneth over!
Live Q&A/Prayer Circle, Soul Art® Class
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-Monthly Live Blessing Circle with Lucinda Rae on Zoom

-“Soul Art® for the Mystic” 60-minute Online Workshop for setting monthly intentions and transformation
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-Monthly Live Blessing Circle with Lucinda Rae on Zoom

-“Soul Art® for the Mystic” 60-minute Online Workshop for setting monthly intentions and transformation

-Monthly Art Print with handwritten blessing mailed-to-you + extra special spontaneous sneak-peeks into my creative process around the art that is created each month 




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Welcome to my Patreon page! 

(There’s cookies and some delicious chai tea on the table, make yourself at home.) 

I’m Lucinda Rae, a painter living in a small rural town in California, and I love uploading paintings and videos to bring inspiration and share these images coming into being. I joined Patreon because your support will allow me to fund my art and projects. Your pledges help me to buy art supplies, pay my bills, feed my Labradoodle and Siamese, afford the high cost of living, and taking care of my awesome teen son full-time, but most importantly, your support will give me the mental-emotional space to focus on bigger and better projects to bring more light into the world.

Here's how it works:

If you like my work, and you want to help me, just choose how much you want to pledge per month (even a few $$ makes a difference!) 
And don’t worry! You can edit or cancel your pledge anytime you want.

By  becoming a patron, you give me the opportunity to be an artist of the Light Divine. It really is that simple. I value your donation with the utmost reverence and gratitude. Your support inspires and uplifts me to succeed.

A small pledge on your part can collectively change the path of my life and the lives of many others.  

My recent guidance to paint angels that I see in visions and sort of miraculously paint through me will help bring more security, beauty, peace, and connection to be bathed within the Divine presence of the mighty Archangels. Each of these images activate a powerful vortex of Divine consciousness that is known for healing, protection and awakening. I would like to spread their light into countless homes, offices spaces, baby nurseries and more. 

I'm excited to make hundreds of works of art. I use acrylic, gold leaf and more, and create on both canvas and birch wood panels. 

My portfolio and other information about me can be viewed here.

I'm just starting to be on the lookout for interesting venues, new patrons, collectors of my originals, and innovative collaborators. So much to do and learn to spread the light! 

My goals are simple: I connect to the Divine. I make art. I share it. I want to live my life mindfully, fully, and abundantly. I hope to contribute something beautiful to humanity and this world so that when people view my art, it is a doorway for their hearts to open and for them to feel a Touch of Heaven right within them. For the divine feminine to heal and expand on our beautiful earth, cultures, and spiritual practices.

The realm of the visual is far too overlooked in it's importance. What are you putting on your walls? Is it inspiring you to your highest potential? Is it reminding you of the eternal peace of the divine that is within you?

I desire that every single one of us could devote each day to fulfilling our true purpose. I'm so touched for all the support that is coming to support mine. 

Still curious about how Patreon works? Here's a little intro for you... 
Thank you so much for your consideration in becoming a precious patron.
$0 of $1,800 per month
It would be a deep blessing to achieve an additional $1800 per month to support the high cost of living in Santa Barbara county and transitioning out of 17 years of my career as a graphic designer and allowing for my dreams to come true since I was a small child to “be an artist when I grow up.” I’m not waiting anymore, and I’m on fire to bring more light to the world with prayer, spiritual visions, visionary paintings and inspirational/oracle decks, books for both adults and children, and more, as a vessel for the Divine through works of my art.

Please help me make 2019 and beyond bring this goal and get the light reach the hearts and live of millions through both original art and reproductions. If you like my art and want to support my plans for the future, please consider subscribing or increasing your pledge!

Thank you for being a part of prosperity and keeping me going each day. You're the BEST! 
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