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Who are You?
My name is Ryan, I am a full time Mixer streamer & Content creator. I stream video games 6 days a week on Mixer and plan to begin uploading YouTube content in the future. I used to wake up everyday working 40 hours a week at a job I hated, the whole time counting down the minutes until my next stream dreaming of a day when I could do it as my profession. In April of 2018 I made the decision with my community to jump to full time streaming and the support has been unimaginable. Starting this year I want to do more, create more, and help MORE! By supporting through Patreon you can not only help these things become a reality but also help balance out my cost of living. (Rent, groceries, and bills)

What can we expect from you in terms of content?
I stream on average 6 days per week taking off Thursdays and conventions. I also tend to stream on holidays!
  • Live between 9 and 10 am Pacific except on Thursdays! :)
  • Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube content
  • IRL and behind the scenes content at coneventions (E3, PAX, and Dreamhack)
YouTube looks kind of bare, what’s up with that?
YouTube is going to be a whole new beast I plan to tackle in 2019, My first video should be releasing following the conclusion of PAX south 2019 and I also plan to upload Highlights, full games, VLOGS, and How to’s this year!

YouTube Is something I will be teaching my self in the evenings twice a week and on my day off so please bare with me as I learn!

Where is our money going?
Depending on the support here on Patreon the money could help to offset the cost of bills at the least but could potentially help to push this community into the next level of content creation by helping fund trips to conventions all over the country and overseas!

Thank you so much for supporting this incredible journey I appreciate any and all support more than you know! AWOOO!
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I will let patrons help me decide on a fun new game to play on stream dedicated to this awesome milestone! 
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