Lucy Bellwood is creating adventurous comics and educational delights

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You’re in the club! This grants you access to general Patron-Only posts, plus first dibs on original art sales and the occasional giveaway.

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Every two weeks I post a summary from the drawing board with pictures and behind-the-scenes info about my work. Come join the conversation about making an independent career work.

PDF Club
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This tier grants access to a Dropbox folder containing PDFs of all my comics. (Updated every time I publish something new!)
Education Station
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This tier features a monthly audio recording, essay, or video about being an independent creator. Some months I chat with fellow artists about our craft, others I post exclusive content from classes I've taught—sometimes we'll even do a livestream Q & A!
Sketchbook Society
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Each month I pull together all my studies and sketches and compile them in an attractive digital package. There's life drawings, observational crowd sketches, color studies, character designs, and more.
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I’M SORRY, WHAT?! YOU'RE GIVING ME $50 A MONTH? You are truly the best. It's just that simple. Pledging at this level will entitle you to weekly process posts, monthly sketchbook PDFs, classroom recordings, AND a quarterly thank-you package of various goodies—original art, stickers, postcards, and loving notes.