Samuel Rondón

Samuel Rondón

materials for the Ironsworn role-playing game system

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About Samuel Rondón

Hello and welcome! My name is Samuel and I design materials for Ironsworn, Shawn Tomkin's role-playing game system. As per our current content program, I post materials for the game each month for free, but there is much more if you decide to fulfill these iron vows with me. You can discuss any content produced here on our Discord server.

Released Products

Thanks to the support of this Patreon, I have released the following products on DriveThruRPG and

  • Quest Fronts, a system-agnostic magazine that offers you elaborated adventure starters in any fantasy setting.
  • Ancestries, a card set for Ironsworn to shape your character and companions by determining their heritage.
  • Demeanors, a system-agnostic card set to denote your character's personality.
  • Motivations, a system-agnostic card set to define your character's drive.
  • Deck of Many Fortunes, a set of 78 tarot cards that provide blessings and curses for the Ironsworn and Starforged rulesets.
  • Horizontal Tarot, greyscale tarot art for your enjoyment.

Work in Progress

Even though I have a few releases, my work is not done. My backlog is full of ideas.

Currently, we are working on the second issue of Quest Fronts, a system-agnostic magazine dedicated to offering elaborated adventure starters.

We are also producing Vaults & Vows, a set of asset cards for Ironsworn that allows you to play the story of fantastical heroes in a highly magical setting.
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Quest fronts art on the go

I will be able to pay our artist at the same time I produce the contents, so I would post them fully illustrated, without the current artwork layout delay.

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