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I go by the username of Luek on ulmf where I usually post my translations, which can also be found here:

The Tentacularly Adorned Priestess
Sorcery Scholar Lelea - Escape From Pervert Island

In progress:
From Frontier

If you happen to just stumble upon this page or are just curious about it. Basically I just translate hentai games from Japanese to English while maintaining an archive of the stuff I've done here. I plan on trying out other stuff like doujinshis but right now I'll just keep it at hentai games, specifically ones that are made with RPGMaker and maybe some WolfRPG ones as well.

I usually try to focus on one game at a time, dedicating most, if not all my free time until it is fully translated. I might leave a little typo or mistake along the way but you live and you learn right?  So if you see any problems feel free to report them to me and I'll get to fixing them as soon as I can

I will not be distributing any of the games, only the files which were translated, which would be useless without purchasing and having the required game files.

If you liked the game, then above all else please support the developer by buying their game, as without them, I wouldn't even be able to translate anything, but if you have some spare cash and would like to show some support, then by all means, any and all donations no matter the amount is greatly appreciated, it certainly helps me out and motivates me further.

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