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Anyway, this is a symbolic pledge, since all my posts will always be public and free of charge.  But I'm very grateful for your moral support.

    About Luis Escorihuela


    I am Luis Escorihuela, from Barcelona.
    I paint.

    Contemporary art exhibitions rarely felt like time well spent. To me, too often they didn't convey who we are, my eye wasn't pleased neither my mind tickled.  So eventually, in 2009, I began a project: I should paint a collection that I (and hopefully others) could enjoy. It may well be a never-ending task, but the collection keeps growing. The prospective name for the exhibition project is Movimiento 30 de Febrero.

    I want to create meaningful visual commentary on our time. And plain nice stuff. My aim is not to represent anything but to evoke, to trigger a feeling in the viewer.

    I joked that I was making "post-contemporary" art, before I found it's one of 125 contemporary art movements and styles listed in Wikipedia. So l just say that I want to do what nobody else does. But you and I know it can't possibly be true, right?

    So far, Movimiento 30F is made of these paintings, in chronological order:

    The website I made ( is text-free.  Over time, I will try to give the context to my collection-in-progress here.

    There are also posts with a selection of earlier works:
    1 2 3456,  78910

    I like to keep things quiet, I'm not in any social media. Feel free to contact me by email ([email protected]) if you fancy.

    Glad to share my work here. It's my pleasure and my legacy and your reward for your precious, fought-for attention. I hope you enjoy it and share it, as well.

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