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2018 has just finished and it was my best year by far. I want to make 2019 even better for me and others around me. I am planning on starting up a podcast and a clothing line in 2019. I have all logos, names etc. created but all I need now is the money. I am currently saving all the money I earn, which is not a lot as i'm only 16. I don't expect a lot or even anything from this Patreon I just thought I'd give it a try and hope for the best. All of the money from this Patreon will go straight into the clothing line and podcast. The more money I can get together the better quality and the quicker I can get all of this set up. Its not all about me though. You as a Patreon will have access to my private discord server, free gym training programs, training tips, a customized diet plan, access to my podcasts a week early with bonus content and be able to buy clothing before anyone else.
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Not bad Patrons get access to:

-Private discord server (Not Bad Role)

-Bonus content from podcast

-A shout out in either an Instagram post or on a podcast

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Not Bad At All Patrons get access to:

-Private discord server (Not Bad At All Role)

-Bonus content from podcast

-Training Tips (Monthly)

-My Powerlifting Program

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You're Peng Patrons get access to:

-Private discord server (You're Peng Role)

-Bonus content from podcast

-Training Tips (Monthly)

-My power lifting and hypertrophy gym plans

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I'll give 1 patron a shout out on the podcast and on my insta a week!
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