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is creating video critiques, analyses, and essays.
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About Luke Stephens

My name is Luke Stephens and I'm thrilled to have you here reading through my Patreon page! I create high-quality, often long-form critiques on video games that aim to give an intellectual approach to video game analysis.

Now a bit about me: a few years ago I graduated from a classical charter school where I studied Latin for 3 years and where I was brought up in the ways of "exegetical analysis." Now, I am studying Corporate Finance at Colorado State University and I do all of this while performing in plays with local community theaters and playing an unholy number of video games. The latter necessitates long scripts be written adjacent to the gameplay and then the recording of said scripts into Premiere Pro where I edit them together with the gameplay into hour+ long critiques and analyses. Naturally, you can see how I'm pressed for time. And that is where this Patreon page comes into play:

Let's be real, money is an important part of the artistic and creative process... As unfortunate as it is, it is a reality of our world. As a result, the content that I create on my YouTube and Twitch channels becomes increasingly expensive and difficult to maintain. Time is money, and time is required for me to create the content of which I, and many of my followers, enjoy and am proud. This Patreon page however, makes it so that I can spend more time working on the large videos everyone enjoys most without worrying about making "filler videos."

With your help, I can start to set aside more and more time to create more critiques, analyses, and video essays. If enough of you guys pitch in, we'll be able to  build an infrastructure to support the channel independent of donations from viewers.

However, it all starts with you. 

I can commit to you that I will put your contribution towards improving the content and the efficiency of output. I will hold myself accountable to you, and that is my pledge.

My goal is to provide entertaining, thoughtful, intriguing and bluntly honest content as frequently as possible. By becoming a patron you will be directly contributing to the growth of the channel and this community, and I will be eternally grateful. You will also get all sorts of special goodies and surprises as well as special access to Patron only rooms in our discord server!

Thank you for reading this and even considering supporting me, it means more than you know!

Kind regards,

Luke Stephens

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