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About Luke & Ryan Hart

On 19th July 2016, our father murdered our mum, Claire, and little sister, Charlotte, in broad daylight, only five days after we had broken mum and Charlotte from the family house and moved to a rental house five miles away. He then committed suicide. We only survived the attack as we were working abroad at the time.

Since the murders, we have dedicated ourselves to eradicating domestic abuse and speak frequently at events internationally and are working to change the way the media report on domestic abuse and domestic homicide.

We grew up with domestic abuse for 25 years and never identified it or our father’s capacity to murder, which is why it's so important that the media get it right. The media gave our father a public funeral and justified the murders. We had to read what a 'good man' he was, how he was 'always caring' and how it was 'understandable' that he killed his wife and daughter.

Our father created a murder note having read media reports of men who killed their families for months before he killed ours. He used the media's justifications to rationalise killing Mum and Charlotte. This has to stop.

Please support us if you can. We do our advocacy alongside our day jobs and the more we can support ourselves through our advocacy, the more time and energy we can dedicate to it. 

Thank you, we appreciate your support.

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