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Darlings! I love you so much I could give you all a big, electrifying hug! But this is the internet, so instead I'll give you my thanks and a shout-out on my Twitter! PLUS, access to a Patrons-Only blog with updates on what I'm working on and sneak-peaks at the podcasts and art I'm working on! All subsequent tiers will receive these rewards as well! 

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Do you believe in beautiful dreams? At this tier I'll share mine with you! I've written lots of film scripts and drawn tons of art and animation that haven't been shared online, and at this tier you'll receive access to all of it! This includes my South Park Spec Script "Freedom of Hate Speech," my feature length screenplay "Enigma," and tons of unfinished animations like my political satire "Prince Bear's Political Pow-ow!" All higher tiers will receive these rewards as well!  

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At this tier I'll record a short 5 to 10 minute podcast on a topic on your choice! 




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Hello my darlings! My name is Siddharth Gupta, popularly known online as LumRanmaYasha, and I'm a Screenwriter, Artist, and Filmmaker. I'm passionate about telling compelling, entertaining stories through my prose, drawings, and films. Above all else, I want to create art that brings people joy. Check out my  PORTFOLIO to see examples of my work!

I'm also a  Manga Podcaster, Reviewer, and PR editor for My goal is to provide fans with the latest industry news, entertaining editorials, insightful interviews, and spotlights on notable artists and series. I want to share my love of manga by creating valuable content that fans will love themselves! 

Here are some of the podcasts I create!

Manga Mavericks is the internet's premier manga discussion podcast! Every week we chat about what’s new in the world of manga, the state of the industry, and have discussion topics on various aspects of the manga experience. Since 2016 we've covered the latest in manga news and done massive in-depth retrospectives on several beloved series like Devilman, World Trigger, Pokemon Adventures, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and even Weekly Shonen Jump itself! We also regularly interview and feature folks working in the manga industry, from letterer Annaliese Christman , to Viz editor Marlene First, and even Jason Thompson, the first editor of the North America Shonen Jump!

Manga Mavericks @ Movies is a show where me and my brother VlordGTZ talk smack about movies, mostly anime-related.

Manga Fights pits some of the Internet's smartest manga geeks against each other in a "high-stakes" debating game, where topics range from the analytical to the absurd!

#LumSquad is a podcast hosted by me and @ProdTally devoted to the wonderful world of Rumiko Takahashi's Urusei Yatsura!

If you enjoy what I do, supporting me on Patreon is a great way of helping me do it!
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