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  • Play Shield Cat: You get a Steam Beta access key to play builds of Shield Cat and give feedback.
  • Artworks and WIPs: Get access to hi-res artworks as well as WIP pics that show how it came together.
  • Music WIPs and MP3/FLAC: Get previews of music I'm working on and high quality renders of released music.
  • Game Updates: Receive regular updates about Shield Cat and insight on how certain things are accomplished.
  • Supporter Credit: All patrons will be credited when Shield Cat releases, but also receive credit in game builds as well as online streams.
  • Exclusive Discord Channels: Receive access to Patron-exclusive channels!

Includes Discord benefits

Shining Star Tier

per month
  • Priority Credit: Patrons at this tier (and higher) receive priority credit in development builds.
  • Support Roxy: More people at this tier or higher means I can spend more time doing my own things, like making covers of songs and creating resources for people to use - Things I haven't had much time for. I will also be able to add more things to this tier the more support I get, so keep an eye out!
You also receive everything in the $5 Star Tier!
Includes Discord benefits

Merch Tier

Limited (2 of 5 remaining)
per month
You receive everything from the $5 and $10 tiers PLUS
Receive an exclusive set of stickers (and/or other merch) every 3 months!
Please see the "About" to see what's on offer currently.
Includes Discord benefits
Exclusive Merch
Fulfilled by Patreon
  • Exclusive Sticker - May Sticker Pack 1 - Lance expressions and Pretty Petal
  • Exclusive Sticker - May Sticker Pack 2 - Lance Expressions, Roxy sprite
  • Exclusive Sticker - May Sticker Pack 3 - Willow with Pretty Petals

Art Tier

Limited (1 of 3 remaining)
per month
You receive everything in the $5 and $10 tiers. PLUS!
Get an artwork every 3 months! Subject to the conditions below:
  • You must pledge at this tier for 3 months.
  • After this, you'll get a wing-it style artwork where I spend about 1.5-2 hours on what you would like to draw.
  • Drawing can't be used as credit toward a bigger commission.
My standard commission terms apply:
Includes Discord benefits




per month

About Roxy


Thank you for checking out my Patreon page! My name is Roxy and I am an artist, programmer, and musician. You can find out where I am online by visiting my website!

Shield Cat

My current major project is Shield Cat, an action-adventure collectathon game. You can read more about it here or play the free demo! Please also be sure to wishlist it!

Currently, Patrons who pledge $5 US or more will receive a Shield Cat Beta Key which will allow them to test out all kinds of new features that are being worked on!

Why Patreon?

I am making my entire living through commissions and money received through Patreon. The more support I can receive through Patreon, the more I can focus on my game and other projects, and spend more time creating content to be enjoyed by all. Because of this, even support at the lowest tier is appreciated!

Patreon Perks

Patrons get perks for supporting through Patreon and also receive rewards! Here's what you can expect:
  • $5 US Tier
    • Play the game: Patrons at this tier will receive a Steam key that will allow them to test out development builds of the game, play around with new features, and give feedback. Become part of the game creation process!
    • Artwork and WIPs: You'll get access to high res versions of artwork that I've made, as well as WIP shots. See how my art is made and comes together!
    • Music WIPs and MP3/FLAC: Get previews of music that I'm working on, as well as high quality MP3 and FLAC renders of songs I've released.
    • Game Updates: Receive updates about game development, as well as insight on how certain things work or are done.
    • Supporter Credit: All Patrons will be credited when Shield Cat is released, but also are mentioned in builds of the game as well as whenever I stream artwork online.
    • Exclusive Discord Channels: Patrons get access to Patron only channels in my Discord (more depending on how high the pledge is.)
  • $10 US Tier (and above)
    • Priority Credit: Patrons at these higher tiers will appear above others in the Discord chat list, as well as in builds of the game!
    • Artwork: Certain higher tiers have limited slots open for artwork. Please see individual tiers for details!
    • And More (in the future): The more people that support me through Patreon, the more time I'll be able to spend on different things and add new offerings.
Note that these are just some of the rewards I offer. The more people who support me on Patreon, the more rewards I can offer (For example, physical merch and other perks.)

Discord Chat

I have a Discord chatroom with an active community who talks about a variety of subjects (mainly games, tech, and development related stuff.) Please feel free to come in and check it out!

Current Merch

Here is a sample of what the current merch looks like for the Merch Tier!

Thank you!

Thank you for checking out my Patreon page! I know I've kept it brief here, but likely you've come here from another page and are already more or less familiar with my work and what I do. Thank you for your support!
$768.48 of $2,000 per month
When this meter is full I'll be able to work full time on the game and provide a lot more stuff to Patrons.
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