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 "What do I get for $2?"

  • Your name in the credits when it's released! (Name will be fancier the longer you support)
  • Access to the Official Shield Cat Discord! Chat with me and other cool people, and see new stuff before anyone else.
  • Access to HD content such as high res artwork from the game.
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Popular pledge amount!!!!!

If you pledge at this tier, you will get the following:

  • The game! Its yours to keep, even if you stop being a patron later on.
  • Everything from the lower tiers.

If you're a $5+ Patron already, click here to get access:

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  • Your name appears above everyone else in the Discord Chat. Let everyone know you're fancy.
  • Everything else from the lower tiers
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About Roxy

Hello! Welcome to the Shield Cat Patreon!

Thank you very much for visiting my Patreon! Here I will tell you about the game I'm making, and what you can do to help me out.

What is Shield Cat?

Shield Cat is a game in development by RoxyFoxRab (me) using Gamemaker Studio 2. It currently supports the following platforms:
  • Windows
  • Linux
It is also planned to appear on other platforms, such as mobile phones, and even game consoles.

There are two ways you can get Shield Cat:
  • You can purchase the game through [here]
  • You can become a Patron at the $5 tier (or more)

Please note that Shield Cat is currently in its Prototype stage. However, when you purchase the game on itch, or receive it through Patreon, you own the game and will receive all updates until it's released, and beyond that! You will not have to purchase the game again when it's released.

I want to try it!

You're in luck! A demo is available on for Windows and Linux. You can access it by clicking [here] and scrolling to Download Demo.

Please note that the demo version is not the current build of the game, so it's lacking a lot of features. However, it should give you an idea of what the game is about!

If you wish to try out the latest features, please consider either purchasing the game, or supporting me on Patreon!

How do I find out more?

Please feel free to check the [Official Shield Cat Wiki]. On the Wiki, you'll find character bios, location information, info about Lance's abilities, upgrades and abilities you'll find, backstory, controls, lore, and more!

Suggestions? Bug Reports? Rope? Lamp Oil?

You want it? It's yours my friend, as long as you check the links below:

How do I download the game?

You can find out how to download and run the game by clicking [here]!

How do I control Lance?
If you're looking for information about how to control the game, please visit [this page]!

Why Patreon and not Kickstarter?

Since the game is in its prototype stage, not enough is playable to convince a lot of people to give me money on Kickstarter. I also don't like the idea of accepting a lot of money at once, in case for some reason I'm not able to complete this project (unlikely) or it takes longer than expected and I run out of funds. 

About Roxy

I'm Roxy, an artist, programmer, musician, and gamedev. I'm bringing my skills together to create Shield Cat! I'm using Gamemaker Studio 2, because I've been using Gamemaker since version 4 was new - so I'm familiar with it.

Thank you!

If you are or aren't able to support me financially, if you believe in me that's enough for me. I'm gonna bring this game to everyone, and I hope people like it!

$407 of $1,500 per month
If I can make this much, I'll be able to work on the game full time

(The amount may seem high but remember I'll have to pay taxes on this kind of income)
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