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Intelligence first blossomed in the dark. A thin layer of grey matter grew like a slime mold over the primitive olfactory bulb, memorizing and analyzing chemical varieties and gradients that surrounded it.

But intelligence wasn’t content thinking in the dark. Sensitivity to photons eventually drew us upright onto bipedal bodies, where surveying space and its content at a glance catapulted us toward thinking in the light.

Scientific reductionism applied to human physiology has contributed a wealth of self-understanding and self-knowledge to the human species. But scientific reductionism itself simply is not enough. While we readily perceive with our five basic senses--smell, taste, touch, sound, and sight--our sensitive and intellective faculties working in harmony together give rise to an emergent, authentically new sense of perception: our sense of truth.

When it dawned into existence, the truth sense was a new type of metaphorical light illuminating the thinking universe. Many scientific and philosophical questions about our truth sensibility are unanswered: are there some people whose sense of truth is brighter and stronger than that of others’? Is the sense of truth something we can exercise, like a muscle, and watch it grow? It is most certainly a trademark human capacity, but is the sense of truth a uniquely human endowment?

Lastly, if our sensitivity to perceiving greater light and truth can genuinely expand as individuals and as a species, then what vast, unrealized potential does life contain for us?

This is an adventure. It is an exploration. I’m not certain where it will go: but I know I want to go where it leads.

My name is Michael Ferguson. I am a neuroscientist, a poet, and a philosopher. I invite you to journey with me into The Luminous Brain.
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