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All SETS and VIDEOS are delivered once payment processes. So May rewards delivered the first week of June and so on... you are funding the shoots prior so I can create the best content for you. This is not daily but I will posts pictures & videos for your tier at random. You acknowledge you are signing up for the rewards listed for your tier. 

Hello this is for people who want SUPER EXCLUSIVE content charged PER MONTH not per creation. This will be a haven to express my erotic side and be able to deliver awesome rewards to you during my journey. I have dabbled in a lot of different things and have always enjoyed creating costumes, and playing video games. I love Gears of War, Runescape, LoL, Bioshock, Dragon Age, Final Fantasy (series) and Skyrim. I took a break for a year due to family issues, and I am happy to be back. <3 So thank you for viewing my patreon and I hope I can be your new fetish. ;) Every goal will be aimed at IMPROVING my content for you which includes hiring photographers, studio rentals, new sexy costumes, new toys, even naughtier goals and more physical rewards if you opt in for them. Time to go savage mode, and create more than I have ever before. 

Love & Licks

The patreon LENS ACCESS requires you to be 18+, Patreon, and Onlyfans all have UNIQUE CONTENT but Patreon allows me to offer goodies in a reward tier so you know what you are getting throughout the month. 

Get to know me n,n

Height: 5'2"
Eyes: Green/Blue/Grey depending on my mood
Natural Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Size: XS/S
Animals: Two Rescue Doggos names Moose & Teddy
Favorite Animal: Piggies!
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Food: Pizza or Sushi
Favorite Dessert: YOU ;D Icecream, and cake
Favorite Game Series: Final Fantasy
Favorite Character: Rikku
Favorite Comic: Grimm Fairy Tales
Favorite Superhero: Batman and Deadpool
Next cosplay I want to do: Slave leia or 2B
Secret: I wear glasses all the time but never contacts and just take my glasses off for most shoots. SHHHH!

There is a NO refund policy, please take that into consideration when pledging to ANY tier. 

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Far reaching not sure I will ever hit this goal! But 18+ videos and pictures of me and my Friend P.O.V *wink*  you vote for male or female every month.
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