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About Steve Lightle

Steve Lightle's series is science fiction set in the far future!
It begins in a distant space station called the TOMBS, where an amnesiac patient is under the care of Doctor GLIMMER STARBORN. As she helps him discover his lost memories will they learn that he is a hero - or the last weapon of a conquering alien race?
Who is Doctor Cranius and what are his plans for JUSTiN ZANE? Get to know the electronic life form intergalactically known as Catrina Fellina. Find out how the IDLE REICH, the galaxy's most famous Skrok band, fits in to Dr. Cranius' plans! Is the superhero known as the Blue Shark a friend or a figment of Justin's imagination? Who are the alien conquerors known as the PANTHEON? Can Earth's interim government, the RebEarth Company, be trusted?
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Steve Lightle's JUSTiN ZANE is a web comic set in the future and made for the NOW!  Created by a storyteller with professional credits that include; Batman, The Doom Patrol, Robert E. Howard's Wolfshead, The Avengers, The Flash, X-Men, Spider-man, Mighty Mouse, Conan the Barbarian, Wolverine, and the Legion of Super-Heroes.

WARNING: Although this site is not intended to be in any way pornographic, it may feature subjects and images that might be disturbing for certain people.  Artistic representations of violence, nudity, and intense emotional subject matter, will be a part of this site.  Do not proceed if you think that certain of these subjects may upset you.  Also, a warning to adults to please review the contents of any website to determine whether or not you should share them with your children.  If you feel that viewing a web-comic may subject you to exciting, interesting, thought provoking  subjects or images that could potentially trigger any kind of emotional discomfort, perhaps you should refrain.  If you do choose to avoid this site for any of these reasons, may you find a comfort zone to your liking elsewhere.  

JUSTiN ZANE is the name of a hit tune in 2769 A.D., as well as the name adopted by an incredible mental patient on the satellite asylum known as "the TOMBS."  He lost his freedom because he is too dangerous to be free - or so they are telling him.  The psychiatrist assigned to his case is the intelligent and beautiful Doctor Glimmer Starborn - but she seems too good to be true.  Then there's the matter of the glamorous newscaster Catrina Fellina, the anarchist skrok band known as The Idle Reich, and the destruction of Yasgur's Planet.
My name is Steve Lightle, and I have worked for corporate giants.  As everyone now knows, Marvel and DC Comics are owned by larger corporations with agendas and goals far beyond those of mortal artists.  Although I have created characters, stories and designs, within the corporate system, I have also seen those creations compromised and bastardized.  It's a bit like playing in another kid's yard.  You do your best and you have a good time - but whenever they want, they can take their ball and go inside.  Unfortunately, in this scenario, the ball is your creation and they own it completely.
With your support, I hope to continue to create JUSTiN ZANE without corporate and editorial restraints.  JUSTiN ZANE is a declaration of creative freedom and expression, and it's for you and me! Please help to make this creative freedom possible.
Okay, if we are being real, let's be REALLY real.  Although working for major publishers demands constant creative compromise, it also pays the bills.  When I create a page for "publisher X" I get a particular page rate, based on my experience and the quality of my work.  When I create an episode of JUSTiN ZANE there is a big risk involved.  Will I be able to feed my family and support future episodes?  On the surface, it just seems crazy - but it can work, with your help!  Please consider subscribing.  By supporting this site you are choosing the type of entertainment that you enjoy, rather than having your choices made for you.
Thank you, and please, spread the word.  Tell all of your friends about JUSTiN ZANE!
Together we will prove that this is not JUST INSANE!

Steve Lightle

Did you also know that there are more pages of Steve Lightle story and art which are exclusive to patrons of this site?  Stories like "The Ballad of Poor Timcan," "Moonslayer: the Beast of the Arkansas Woods," and "Peking Tom & Bobbi Sox" are available exclusively to Patrons as a thank you for their support.
Thank you all!
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With the help of my readers, both old and new, I will continue to bring fresh new entertainment to you.  I want you all gathered around my campfire as I spin imaginative and original yarns!  I know that you want to!
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