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The 1 dollar special!

$1 /mo
My eternal Gratitude!
No really! thank you :)

The 2 dollar deal!

$2 /mo
Eternal gratitude! +1
That +1 means more than double the gratitude for supporting me.
No additional advantages, but it helps me twice as much as the 1$ option :)

The amazing 5 dollar slice!

$5 /mo
5 Dollars.. thats.. like half a pizza!
It wont come with loads of toppings, but that half pizza can mean the difference between no half pizza, or half a pizza!

the 10 dollar Sub!

$10 /mo
10 dollars? that would be a really well packed sub!
If you are donating 10 dollars, you win my belly's eternal gratitude.

twenty dollar donuts!

$20 /mo
wow! 20 dollars? you are amazing!
Also, 20 dollars worth of donuts would make me roll down the hill within a few months.

Cherry on the top 25 dollar deal!

$25 /mo
But.. how! You not only rock, you mountain!
you deserve a hug, a kiss, and a star named after you! thank you so much!