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About LupineKing


Welcome to my patreon page. I am LupineKing, writer of the fantasy web serial/novel Heavenward on Golden Wings.
It is a fantasy series set in Verre, an enchanting yet dangerous magical world littered with exciting opportunities, incredible adventures and intense battles. In it, we follow the life of Valerian Steelborn, our protagonist, as he struggles to live up to his name, his potential and legacy in this vast and unforgiving world.

Question: Who are you really?
Answer: Me or the team? Well, I am a young writer working at his dream. I'm a student of philosophy and political science (ikr) and my writing sometimes reflects that. However, I also grew up reading lots of fiction and come from a cultural background that is African and traditionally magico-religious which are also major influencers. The team is mostly me but my friend sinisterSonnet helps out with the editing. We're full time university students about to complete our bachelor's. Thus, we’re very busy and under a lot of pressure. Personally, I’m probably not even studying as much as I should. Nevertheless, I’m determined to write and to make a living out of my work. Writing is basically now my part-time job and I’m lucky to have a friend who supports me. I hope you will do so as well.

Question: Where can I read your story/serial?
Answer: Why, right here of course. Here's a link to my official site: . Additionally, you can also read the series at, a great place to read original English web novels, as well as my royalroadl fiction page. Do note however that the patreon page has special offers such as side stories, extras as well as advance releases of chapters that cannot be obtained anywhere else.

Question: Qihuan? Is that like xianxia?
Answer: For the most part, yes. The term is an accepted tag for Chinese stories with western elements, often including such things as mages, knights and many other elements traditionally attributed to western fantasy. An example of this kind of story would be the rather well known Coiling dragon, written by IEatTomatoes and translated on wuxiaworld.

Question: So, it's a Chinese story?
Answer: In a way. I tag my series as qihuan-esque because I wish to acknowledge the fact that such stories have greatly influenced my writing. Is my series like the standard Chinese web novel? I'm afraid not. What really interests me and has contributed to my work is primarily the philosophy, particularly the daoist philosophy in addition to the other concepts that underlie such novels. That is what I'm offering my readers. A great high fantasy with elements of Asian and African culture and philosophy.

Question: African philosophy?
Answer: Yes. It should be expected. After all, I am African. My own culture has influenced me just as much if not more than any others and that can be seen in my writing. Anyone who picks up my work can expect to see snippets of it here and there especially when it comes to the names, customs and practices of some of my characters. I try not to emphasise this too strongly as it is unfamiliar to many of my readers and I do try to explain myself and the work in my author's notes so have no fears about that. It is easy to understand.

Question: How far have you gotten with your serial?
Answer: At the time of this post, HoGW is ninety-three (93) chapters and over 250 000 words long (excluding side stories, specials and extras). We've completed the first book, Hatchling, and are two-thirds of the way through the second. We hope to publish in next couple of months but editing is slow on account of school. However, we have hope of getting the book out soon. As for the second, it's progressing steadily and I'm having a lot of fun writing it.

Question: Is there anything you'd like to tell the readers?
Answer: Well, I start by saying that this project has been an unbelievable experience. I've learnt so much, improved even more and become closer to the author I want to be as a result of writing HoGW. A major part of this is thanks to my best friend and editor, sinisterSonnet. He's pushed me, ribbed me mercilessly and done an impressive and often thankless amount of work with respect to quality control. I doubt I would have gotten very far without his help. There's also the guys over at fantasy-books, especially J-Mitch. He's been great. Most of all though, there's the readers. Reading their comments, seeing their support, even watching the numbers and stats climb has been amazing at both motivating me and improving my writing. I am eternally grateful for their support. On a whole, writing HoGW is incredible and I hope to never stop. Err...until I finish it that is.

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  • I will increase the number of chapters released per week to four.
  • I’ll also release three extra chapters to mark the occasion.
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