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 Work Work. Everyone has to start adventuring somewhere. Not the most glamorous job  but they still have a vital role to play. Includes

  • Discord Access - Henchaman Role
  • Patron-only content feed
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The Noble Squire! With their can do attitude and indomitable spirit, they are sure to go far. Lowest rank of the high court.

  • All previous tier rewards
  • Able to vote on Monday sketch Polls
  • Discord Access - Squire Role
  • High Court Access
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Extremely clever if not a little unpredictable, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

  • All previous tier rewards
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  • Monthly Cache (zip with Highrez and wips)
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About LurkerGG

Before contributing anything, you fully Acknowledge you are over 18 years of Age.

My name is LurkerGG and thank you for visiting my Patreon page. I am a freelance illustrator with a focus on more mature material.

By becoming a patron you will help me with living costs such as food and other life expenses, so I can continue producing work.

For first time Patreon subscribers, here are some facts you may be interested in.
  • Patrons must be 18 years of age or older (My work is Adult Only)
  • Patrons can back me anonymously and do not need to appear on my patrons list
  • Patrons can cancel at any time, and the system can be set to make automatic payments

Ongoing projects and rewards include:

Lending Loup Out (ongoing series)

Lending Loup Out (or LLO) is an ongoing adult fantasy series. Follow our hero, Loup, as he works to restore his home after a terrible war and seal away the darkness . . . by getting laid.

LurkerGG's Monday Sketch Streams

About three to four times a month I will run sketch Monday streams. During these sessions I will sketch and work on ongoing projects, mostly LLO stuff. Patrons can influence these sketch streams in the following way;

  • Squire tier will be able to vote in polls on what to draw during Monday Sketches.
  • Cleric Tier will be able to submit LLO related suggestions to the poll on a monthly suggestion post.
  • Knights will be able to decide what is drawn on one of the Monday Sketch sessions (Knight limited to 2 spots, maybe more in future) Note: Mage and higher tiers do not gain this reward, the commission time replaces it.

Full info, rules, and Terms of Service for the Patreon streams can be found HERE.

Patron Commission rewards

Patrons of the Mage, Paladin, Sanctified Paladin and Archangel Tiers get drawing time as rewards for their support. These are the closest things to “commissions” that I do and are the best way to guarantee you get personalized art from me. Please keep in mind that these are not traditional commissions, but bonus rewards for your support. Like when you donate to PBS, the amount you donated is not equal in value to the coffee cup you got, but the coffee cup is still a nice bonus.


Tier Reward Details

Patron Only Section

  • Monday Sketch pictures
  • Access to commission sketches and wips

High Court Section Bonuses

  • Comic pages, sketches and wips
  • Research and Development posts
  • Any Comics, visual novels or more advanced products I release

Royal Court Section Bonuses

  • Access to the work voice chat (Through discord, Daruak not guaranteed, limitations may apply, testing this and changes may be made in the future),
  • Access to my archived work (anything older than 2 months)
  • Pin-up PSD files upon request

Disclaimer: While I will make every effort to keep certain works exclusive, this is the internet and that is not always possible. In addition I reserve the right to post any pictures I make in any way I choose and when or where I post my content is up to me and me alone.
72% complete
  • 3-4 Monday sketches
  • Full of my time to patreon projects
  • Outside work will be due to emergencies or special events
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