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is creating oil paintings inspired by wilderness

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This is a great option for those looking to acquire a painting from me in the form of a payment plan. Also ideal for the individual who enjoys my content and is looking to make a significant impact on an emerging artist's journey!

Patrons offering this generous contribution receive:

🌈A business card and a limited edition greeting card 

🌈Process photos, time lapse demons, the occasional blog post, monthly check-in video, press and other related art news 

🌈Once a year 15% off discount on Etsy 

🌈8x10” oil painting after 1 year of commitment, up to 5 options will be emailed to you, free shipping!


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Wow! Thank you for being a sustaining patron. This amazing contribution enables me to keep creating and showing my paintings of wilderness areas, and gives you the very best of what I have to offer! This is also another “payment plan” option for those wanting a bit larger oil painting. 

💫All previous benefits from the news feed

💫A business card, pack of 3 limited edition greeting cards

💫 Framed 9x12" oil painting after 6 months of commitment. Up to 5 options will be emailed to you. Free shipping. 

💫Once a year 30% off discount coupon on my Etsy Store. 


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Holy smokes! You alone are paying for my whole booth space at The Sedona Artist Market Gallery and will allow me to expand. You are truly jump starting my ability to create and show my paintings. Thank you!

In addition to the previous tiers, you will receive:

  • WELCOME PACKAGE: One business card. 5 Pack limited edition Sedona greeting cards- each one is a different image! Matte, frame, and hang them in your house, or send them to loved ones for special occasions. Maybe frame some, give away the others! One 6x6" or 6x8" oil painting. Several options will be emailed to you. Opt for a matted 8x10" print of a different painting instead. 
  • After 6 months of commitment you get a 16x20 oil painting, free shipping. Comes in a black frame with gold leaf lining. 3 options will be emailed to you. 
  • Once a year 45% off coupon to use at my Etsy Store. 




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About Lydia Gatzow


Hi! I’m Lydia Gatzow, an EMERGING contemporary landscape painter creating outdoor oil paintings in Sedona, Arizona and other wild areas that I travel to. I'm originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but I've lived all over the country. 

My landscape paintings are energetic expressions and impressions of the sprawling wilderness and sacred spaces that surround me. 


After doing some soul searching and organic farming in Sweden, I decided to pursue art school in New York City. I graduated from PRATT INSTITUTE OF ART & DESIGN in 2015 with a BFA in painting and a double minor in art history and ceramics. Shortly after I relocated to Vermont, where I met my significant other and we lived "the yurt life" while working on an organic farm in the western foothills of Worcester, Vermont. I had dappled in painting outdoors during my last couple semesters in college, but it wasn't until living rurally in Vermont that I really started to engage in "plein air painting" more. After about 3 years on the farm we built out a 1982 blue Volkswagen vanagon bus and traveled the country. We went all the way across the states, up through Canada, and down the coast. I painted all the national parks that we visited while living on the road, and it was within that experience that I decided to begin exclusively painting outdoors. I had found the perfect marriage between my love of connecting deeply to the land and creating artwork!

We ended up in Sedona after visiting my dad in California. He suggested we check it out, as we were desperately looking for a nice and warm place to spend the winter and save up some money. It was storming when we drove through town so we had no idea what the landscape really looked like. We got jobs the very next day...and as the clouds parted revealing the majestic beauty of the red rocks, it became obvious that I could spend lifetimes painting here!

As fate would have it the lock down began shortly after we arrived here. So after almost 2 years of living in Sedona I feel like I am just starting to root into the local community and the southwestern art scene. So here I am, trying to establish myself and I would love your support. 


Starting July 2021, all of my content across my social media platforms will be posted HERE first. That way all of my time lapse videos that I post on YouTube, photos on FB/IG, press, exhibitions, workshops, blog posts, ect will be stream lined so that you can easily follow my journey. You will get an email every time I post. 

There will be a monthly check-in video for all members to let you know what I'm to and what I'm planning. 

Not only will I offer exclusive discounts for my Etsy shop, but I will also be posting any other sales HERE first, giving my patrons "first pick" with at least a week before releasing it to the public. 

Additionally, each tier is designed for the art collector or buyer. So the more you pledge monthly, the bigger the painting you will receive at the end of the required commitment. Several options will be emailed to you. There are other give-aways and special deals too- for prints, greeting cards, and art books. 

This is the right community for you if you'd like to collect my work or if you're simply interested in investing in me as an emerging artist. All pledges go directly to The Sedona Artist Market Gallery, art supplies, workshop and exhibition application fees, travel expenses, Sedona Arts Center membership, and all other art related/career development expenses. 

Your support also benefits the art institutions, venues, and other artists that I collaborate with.  

Thank you for being here 🙏
$115.07 of $200 per month
As an emerging artist, maintaining a budget of $200 monthly solely for art opportunities will help me to advance my career as a professional artist, thereby increasing the value of artworks you aquire from me, and make my artwork more accessible to the public. 

This will also help me with applications to national parks, so I can reach my goal of painting for wilderness conservation and environmental awareness. 

I'm almost half way there! Every monthly pledge helps with exhibition and application fees, so thanks so much for your support. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 76 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 76 exclusive posts

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