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Greetings I am Lyraedan, Lyra for short.
I am creating discord bots on fiverr.
If you're reading this you are likely here to give your bot priority over others.

What is maintenance?
Maintenance is me myself keeping your bots alive and running, this process can sometimes be time consuming because bot crashes vary from time to time. This process can not be automated.

-- Q&A --

Why become a Patreon?
Its simple really to give your bot a priority level in my maintenance list.

What is your maintenance list?
I have a maintenance discord server with only myself and all the bots I write inside it.
Clients are allowed brief entry into this server to test their bots before delivery if they so wish.

How do you keep a constant eye on our bots?
I programmed an "Uptime" bot that checks the status of every bot user in my maintenance server. If one of them goes down it direct messages me on discord every 15 seconds alerting me. So rest assured I know when your bots go down.
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