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 Wow! Thanks so much! Even this little amount really helps me not worry so much about the real world so I can create fictional worlds we can all enjoy! In exchange for donating to my patreon you'll get access to the patreon feed where I'll upload works-in-progress and outlines for longer stories, as well as posts keeping you up to date on what my currents plans and schedules are! 

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Oh my goodness! Wow! If you donate $5 a month to me, I'll give you access to a discord server where we can talk! You can give me direct feedback on things I've posted, or we can just talk about whatever!
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About Lyric Hartwell

Hello Friends!

Welcome to my patreon page! My name is Lyric, I'm a creative writing student and aspiring writer, both of short fiction and critical essays. I love fantasy, sci-fi, and horror, and tend to take in a pretty wide overview of books, comics, movies, television, games, and other interactive media. I can't really ever turn my over-critical brain off, so a lot of this ends up feeding into essays talking about issues of political ideology, queer representation, narrative theory, or straight literary analysis. This is basically my only real skill, so my hope is I can create essays that don't just satisfy my own thoughts and curiosity, but are entertaining or thought-provoking for other people to read as well! (that'd be you)

I always write a lot of short fiction, as well as workshopping way, waaay too many ideas for longer novels. I really love sharing these stories with others to see what they think, or trying to just make stuff that's weird and interesting, and maybe hopefully tugs at some heartstrings. I've been published in a couple places, but really the internet is just the main place that's going to accept queer vampire love stories and stories about trans girl witches. Hopefully having a patreon will help me be able to share those stories with other people?

Why do I need Patreon?

Unresolved heart problems that lead to serious mobility issues and being an out trans girl - but early in transition - don't exactly give me a lot of opportunities for employment. I'd like to be able to use my writing as a way of supporting myself, and patreon is the best way I can think of to do that! If you enjoy either my essays or short stories and want to support a young queer creator, even a little bit a month would be a huge help, and I'd be super grateful!

My plans

This whole endeavor is probably going to start slow, but I hope to ramp things up if it becomes successful! Medium seems like a good place to start uploading some old work, as well as a couple newer pieces I've been thinking about. Eventually, if I start amassing a base of people interested in what I have to say, a blog might be the next step! My ideal situation would be to be able to produce video essays, though production issues and personal problems with dysphoria might be some serious obstacles in that regard. Basically, however I can make people happy and best share my work, I'll be on the lookout for it!

Thank you!

Thanks for visiting my page! Even if you don't want to or can't support me, I'd really appreciate it if you can spread the word! See you later friend!
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If I start making actual money through patreon, I'll ramp up my focus on it and start producing video essays!
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