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About MAC'S Sports Betting and Roland "The Roar'n MAC" McGuillaman is a professional sports gambler & stock market investor. 

Premium MAC Attack Red Alert Picks - Top Rated Consensus Play Alerts, these picks have the best value and are recommended plays from the national consensus network - Red Alert Picks are the majority consensus across MAC's network of sports betting syndicates, network of associates, affiliates and sports group co-ops. Typically 2-4 picks a week - including NFL Picks, NBA Picks, MLB Predictions, Soccer, MMA, Boxing, Baseball, & Football Predictions, along with the occasional special event odds (politics, movie awards, entertainment, etc..) Includes Vegas betting trends, ATS write up reports, game related news & information for all plays.

Top Rated & Exclusive Release Picks - The Roarin MAC's Top Rated Release Picks + All Exclusive Release Information including College Basketball Picks, NBA Picks, NHL Picks, NFL Predictions, MLB, MMA, Professional Boxing and Special Event Selections - On average 1-2 releases a a week with ATS trends, stats, and information for each selection. These plays are triggered when the MAC starts moving and shaking, moving on solid information backed by the heavy hitters, exclusive information independently sourced and privy to those in the scene or in the know. These Picks come when Roland knows about a Vegas whale moving heavy, when he sees a undervalued favorite, a underestimated underdog, or suspicious line movement. These games are must bets for The MAC and no game is a guarantee and some games have questionable outcomes. 

(New Service) MAC's Stock Picks - MAC has been moving capital into the stock market with sports on the scramble, MAC has consulted with some of the major movers in the industry and has partnered with industry leading hedge fund firms & economists for their insight, advice, trend analysis, trade alerts and watch list information. MAC will be supplying his curated Market Alerts, Stock Tips, and his infamous "Volcano Alerts" for all Patreon members!

Chasing the action is extensive work that's payed off for the MAC over the years, working with the best, unparalleled betting advice services has cut out a notch for the team. MAC has proven the key to success is never playing catch up while using strict discipline when laying action on anything. Join the MAC on Patreon for $7.00 and get all Sports and Stock Picks and Predictions!

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Roland "The Roarin Mac" McGuillaman is a retired Vegas sports consultant and head executive at Red Alert Wager SS LLC.  A United states based sports syndicate of professional sports gamblers with sports consensus group members across the nation. The Mac has been supplying sports consulting for Vegas sportsbook linemakers and International Gaming Casinos for over 30 years and has built a unprecedented reputation with some of the biggest whales in the industry. McGuillaman has recently teamed with Patreon to market and release his top rated premium plays as a subscription based service.

All odds and selections are based on the Vegas opening line. See Terms Of Service 

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 104 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 104 exclusive posts

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