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MATHR3E LINES is an indicator based on TD Lines developed by Thomas Demark. The indicator automatically draws Demand lines and Supply lines with their associated targets.

These lines connect pivot points (referred by DeMark as TD Points) which are:
  • Lows surrounded on either side by higher lows
  • Highs surrounded on either side by lower highs

This indicator can be applied to any market or time frame, and so the methodology is equally relevant whether you are day trading or position trading.

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Membership benefits:

  • Buy and Sell Setups
  • Support and Resistance lines
  • Spot exhaustion points up to Fibonacci number 13
  • Strengths and Weaknesses Oscillator.
  • 24/7 Access to indicators

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MATHR3E WAVES indicator automatically prints Elliott Waves on your charts.
The indicator is based on TD D-Wave developed by Thomas Demark. Therefore, its approach is derived from the Elliott wave theory and may slightly diverge from the cardinal rules of Elliott waves.
Elliott Waves are useful as you can apply them to any market or time frame, regardless of the underlying volatility of the instrument in question.
MATHR3E WAVES indicator can provide a roadmap of market direction that you can use to determine price targets and isolate exhaustion points from potential trends in conjunction with other Demark indicators.

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The market timing indicator

for TradingView by MATHR3E

The Sequential Indicator is a Wall Street-class trading indicator developed by Tom Demark in the 1970s. It reflects the power of the Fibonacci sequence applied to any asset class in the financial markets.

What is Fibonacci?

We can see the explanation if the sequence is represented visually. The images below explain the Fibonacci spiral:

In this video, courtesy of TED, Arthur Benjamin explains the Magic of Fibonacci Numbers and how it ties to nature:

The Fibonacci spiral is all around us and it becomes obvious that the sequences describe a model of growth in nature

Nature is also present in the financial markets since they are governed by crowd psychology.
This is why Fibonacci is so famous in trading and integrated within multiple trading tools.

The sequential indicators are thus based on the Fibonacci sequence and provide fantastic accuracy in anticipating trend reversals. This is a perfect timing indicator which increases patience skills on the market and helps traders enter and exit in the markets at the right moment

The adaptability of TD sequential is also part of its strength. It can be applied to any timeframe and any asset class to the point that it will fit your profile, whether you are a day trader or a long-term investor.

Its market-timing accuracy is ensured by:
  • Momentum with Price Flip and TD Setup
  • Trending with TD Countdown and TD Setup Trend
  • Exhaustion points with Sequential, Aggressive and Combo thirteen’s


Tutorial #1: Price-Flip and Setup

Tutorial #2: Countdowns

Use Case:

Example1: BTCUSD 4H

Example2: EURUSD 4H

Example3: TWITTER 1D

Example4: BTCUSD 1W

Technical Terms:

  • Price flip is a signal of a potential reverse:
    • Bullish TD Price Flip:
      A Bullish TD Price Flip occurs when the market records a close less than the close four bars before, immediately followed by a close greater than the close four bars earlier.
    • Bearish TD Price Flip:
      A Bearish TD Price Flip occurs when the market records a close greater than the close four bars earlier, immediately followed by a close less than the close four bars earlier.

  • Setup filters out the signals, that is, it identifies where a new trend starts and when there is only a correction within the current trend:
    • TD Buy Setup:
      After a bearish TD Price Flip, there must be nine consecutive closes; each one less than the corresponding close four bars earlier.
    • TD Sell Setup:
      After a bullish TD Price Flip, there must be nine consecutive closes, each one greater than the corresponding close four bars earlier.

  • Countdown calculates the trend length to identify the moment of its fading and the emerging of a new cycle, Price flip element. Once TD Setup is complete, TD Countdown can begin, from the close of bar nine of TD Setup (inclusive), according to the following rules:
    • The pattern contains 13 bars in total.
    • It doesn’t have to be a consecutive sequence of 13 bars.
    • Count only increase if the bars close higher/lower or equal to the high /low of the close 2 bars earlier.

Discover now TD Sequential and its Market Timing precision adapted to the FREE TradingView platform!

How to get access

Once you subscribe to this Patreon page, you will be granted access to MATHR3E private indicators on TradingView .

The indicators are working on the FREE version of TradingView. You just need to get through these easy steps:

  • Step 1) Choose the tier that fits your needs best.

  • Step 2) Create a free account on TradingView

  • Step 3) Look for a ticker and open the "Full-featured chart" (click button). Once your chart opened, click on the "Indicators" button. Then Check your invite only script section and add the selected indicators to your chart.

  • Step 4) Your access is granted every month, There is no minimum subscription period . Once you decide to leave, your access to the indicators on TradingView are removed.

Safe Payments

Your access is granted through multiple and secure payment methods offered by Patreon.

About TD Sequential

The Sequential Indicator was first designed by Tom DeMark in the 1970's, by hand, through a process of trial and error. It has since been improved and it is now a trusted indicator by Wall Street traders.

TD Sequential can be helpful for market-timing purpose in conjunction to your favorite trading tools. It attempts to isolate prospective exhaustion points in ranges, to anticipate market tops and bottoms when it believes prices are overbought or oversold and during trends when sentiment is invariably at an extreme.


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