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The market timing indicator

Access a professional trading tool

Discover with TD Sequential, the Market Timing precision of DeMARK's indicator adapted to the FREE TradingView platform!


The adaptability of TD sequential is its main strength; it can be applied to any timeframe and any asset class to the point that it will fit your profile, whether you are a day trader or a long-term investor. Traders oriented to fundamentals will also find this helpful for determined take-profit levels when they would otherwise be relying on a less-efficient price-reversal pattern to close out a profitable position.

TD sequential increases patience skills on the market and provides clear entry and exit signals based on accurate time sequencing. The market-timing accuracy is ensured by:

  • Momentum with Price Flip and TD Setup

  • Trending with TD Countdown and TD Setup Trend

  • Exhaustion points with Sequential, Aggressive and Combo thirteen’s


Example1: BTCUSD 4H
Example2: EURUSD 4H
Example3: TWITTER 1D
Example4: BTCUSD 1W

How to get access

Once you subscribe to this Patreon page, you will be granted an access to my private indicators on TradingView.

The indicators are working on the FREE version of TradingView. You just need to get through these easy steps:

  • Step 1) Choose the tier that fits your needs best.

  • Step 2) Create a free account on TradingView

  • Step 3) Look for a ticker and open the "Full-featured chart" (click button). Once your chart opened, click on the "Indicators" button. Then Check your invite only script section and add the selected indicators to your chart.

  • Step 4) Your access is granted every month, There is no minimum subscription period. Once you decide to leave, your access to the indicators on TradingView are removed.

Safe Payments

Your access is granted through multiple and secure payment methods offered by Patreon.

About TD Sequential

The Sequential Indicator was first designed by Tom DeMark in the 1970's, by hand, through a process of trial and error. It has since been improved and it is now a trusted indicator by Wall Street traders.

TD Sequential can be helpful for market-timing purpose in conjunction to your favorite trading tools. It attempts to isolate prospective exhaustion points in ranges, to anticipate market tops and bottoms when it believes prices are overbought or oversold and during trends when sentiment is invariably at an extreme.

(*) Note the DeMARK Indicator is not an affiliate of TradingView.


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Also access two additional TradingView indicators:

  • SMA+ Gold
  • DeMARK Combo extension 

SMA+ Gold indicator includes multiple and customizable MA + Parabolic SAR Lines. Take advantage of more indicators for your free TradingView account!

With DeMARK Combo Extension you will be able to identify extended turning points: C21 and C34

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