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I am a NYC film maker. I  made a Blade Runner sequel, and a Han Solo FAN FILM to garner attention for my original work, a movie series based on my Father's life as a homicide detective called the SOCIAL WORKER. He tried to help his informants get off the street, off drugs, get jobs, get through high school, and stay out of the criminal justice system. Everyone trusted him and he always had the info to solve cases. My Dad helped his informants clean up their own neighborhoods. The other cops called him the social worker. I also wrote a movie about my Dad's retirement plan to rob a bank to go to Federal prison called, THE GOOD HOME.
I had many fans of the Blade Runner sequel and Han Solo Chronicles ask me "why was I not on Patreon?", So I thought I would give it a shot. I was able to make my fan films for little $$$, but I want to be able to pay my collaborators, crew, and the SOCIAL WORKER will need studio support or several 100k to get made and distributed. I would also like to get Joseph Gordon Levitt to play my Dad at 30 yrs old, dreams are possible. Maybe with your help, I can get my foot in the door.

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