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You get it. You want to encourage composers because music is important. You'll get the digital song as soon as it's mastered, my appreciation for your support, and probably a few songs that aren't released on the album.

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If you don't know who I am, my name is Troy Maturo.  I create original styles of New Age/Ambient/Electronic music. After 20 years of playing as an independent artist, I have 5 albums, 3 EP's and 3 "Hollywood Music in Media Award" nominations. I have fans all over the world - often because they heard me play at Disneyland and Universal Studios and took a CD home - and I have made some very cool friends this way. I've also been working on film scores since 2012, and as music has changed, how I share that music has to change, too.

The music industry is changing every year with more and more people buying, listening, and sometimes even watching their favorite bands and acts online. So the need to be at the vanguard of these trends is the way of the future in music. Venues in Southern California, where I live with my family, are becoming fewer and fewer. The competition for gigs is getting fiercer and fiercer. So I'm faced with a choice - continue to perform at gigs in the area, or spend that time creating new tracks for dedicated fans each month. So this page is dedicated towards those fans who want to hear new songs ASAP, and before new music is available on iTunes, CDBaby, etc.

If you like listening to what I do, Patreon is a cool and convenient way to stay connected.  Plus it's immediate.  You don't have to hunt me down to see if I've got anything new - you'll be the first to automatically receive new releases.

I'm also keeping this simple. There are only musical perk levels for now because I'm a composer first, performer second. You've got a life, too, right?  For now, instead of creating non-musical perks that take up time to fulfill, I'm going to keep fresh songs in your playlist on a regular basis and everybody wins. But, I will be listening with open ears if there are any interesting requests from you. 

Become a Patron of mine and you'll get the first four tracks of the new album free. Yep, the full EP: Aurora, Aurora (the nubile mix), Elan Soul and Passing.  You subscribe by clicking on "Become a Patron" at the top right of the page, or click on one of the perks on the right. 

Patreon is a subscription service that works like this - you agree that every time I create a new song, EP or album, you are automatically:

A)  Sent the song (or collection)
B)  Charged for it.

This is original high quality downloadable music that you can play on all your devices or burn to a CD for your car - these are *NOT* YouTube video links!

With me, you're only charged when I finish and send the song or collection to you, but I don't create on a schedule. That means we're looking at 8 songs minimum, 16 maximum, per year. You might get 2 songs back-to-back, and then nothing for 6 weeks or so. So this won't ever break the bank. But just in case, you can set a maximum amount in your patron account so there are no surprises.

Songs are sent to patrons prior to public release on iTunes, Spotify, etc.  EP's and Album collections will be a mix - some songs may have already been released publicly, but you'll get others in advance.  Everyone will get copies of any digital art associated with the albums or specific songs.

Believe it or not, my music is very expensive to create as far as the investment in gear I use. I always keep up with the newest software, keyboards, sound libraries, and hardware available. I have a fully customized studio which lets me immerse myself in my element of creating music. But along with the initial and ongoing investments there is a lot of unseen overhead:

1. I have my music professionally mastered so you receive the best quality product.  This is pretty pricey per song and is something a lot of indie artist don't like to splurge on.  But it matters to me that you get the best format.

2. I've got a manager (Beth Vickers) who handles all the contracts, legal things, and helps out with social media. She gets a percentage (she earns it).

3. I license art/photos for cover art, and on rare occasions I license or hire musicians and/or vocalists, too. I pay these artists for their work, too. Because that's the right way to do this.

4. Finally, this compensates me for my work. I can easily spend 20-40 hours on a single song. But now you get that song, and I get paid for it! It's a win win. Plus, this format also goes a very long way to motivating me to compose new songs on a regular basis.

I do occasionally run contests for cover art submissions, CD names and the like and the prizes may be physical CD's, a thumb drive with the entire collection of albums, or clothing items with the logo on it. Patrons will have first-shot, and sometimes even exclusive opportunities for these items. Because hard-core fans come first.

Also, if you're signing up for a physical CD tier, please make sure you select the right one.  Shipping fees are included, so if your address doesn't match the right tier (US or International) then you'll be refunded instead of shipped and charged the wrong price. 

FYI - Patreon is priced in US currency, but they will automatically convert it for you at the time of payment. Please be sure you check the exchange rate before you sign up so you know what to expect.

Patreon wants everyone to have goals. I just want to make music that you want to hear. BUT - because I want to thank everyone who helps spread the word about this Patreon page, I'll have a few things to offer when we hit certain milestones.

Again, thank you so much for checking out my page. I hope you'll subscribe today and let me know what you think.

Check out previous releases at:

$115 of $500 per Release
When we reach the first goal here with rewards, I'll take you deep into the creation process of what I do to compose a song start to finish in my studio. From the idea, to the direction it takes and sometimes changes to, the programming and recording, the headaches and surprises, all the way to the finished product. This will be a private video link around 5-8 minutes long with the final finished song at the end of the video. Also the downloadable version.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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