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I've been producing erotic e-books as Mary Tales for a few years now, and this Patreon is a place to try some new ways of delivering stories. You can be a part of it, and get a ready supply of written smut and dirty webcomics into the bargain.

By supporting me on Patreon, you will get access to subscription content and special treats. I shall be serialising longer stories as I write them. Pledging $2.50 a month gets you a free ebook from the Mary Tales back catalogue every month, as well as first looks at my webcomics, up to a month before they're published on my website, and at higher resolution.

As you'll be supporting me through your kind donations, I'll be asking you, every couple of months, to tell me what I should be writing next. You can guide which series get more stories added or challenge me to try new kinks.

Notes, caveats and warnings

Obviously, I'm producing material that is NSFW and for people aged over 18 (or whatever is the appropriate age in your jurisdiction).

Many, but not all, of the Mary Tales stories involve bisexual encounters. I don't mean the sort of bisexuality you get in porn films, where two girls will go through the motions together before turning their attentions to a man. These are stories with guys who like guys and girls, and girls who like girls and guys, quite often at the same time. I think it's hot- there wouldn't be any point in writing it if I didn't- but it might not be for some of you.

As I'll be serialising longer works, not every update will contain a sex scene- you've got to have a bit of plot- but they'll make the scenes better when they do happen.

I don't mind if you share my stories with a friend or two, to turn them on to Mary Tales, in fact, I encourage it. But please don't upload them to sharing sites. I don't believe it does much, if any, harm to my sales, but there are people out there who will pirate books and take money for them that should go to the author. Let's make it a little trickier for them to do that, okay.
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After I hit $100 a month, I'm going to start using some of my monthly monies to support others on Patreon. Half of the next $50 worth of pledges will go to others on this site.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 224 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 224 exclusive posts

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