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You're here for the BBQ. Everybody loves a good BBQ. 
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You sit in on the City Council meetings and try not to nap. 
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This is only here because I couldn't figure out how to remove tiers. Don't pick this tier. We already have a perfectly good mayor as it is. 
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About MCGameFAP

Hello, and welcome to MCGameFAP: Matt's Cool Game for Attractive People! I'm Matt, and this is my Cool Game, and if you're reading this, then you (yes, you!) are all my Attractive People! My friends and I are playing really great tabletop games together. Later we take the audio and edit it down to hour-long episodic adventure podcasts, which attractive people (like yourself) download and enjoy. What sets us apart from every other tabletop podcast out there? 

  • We streamline (or ignore) the rules to be faster paced and audio-friendly. 
  • The story is written week-to-week, to dynamically react to the players' actions. 
  • Trust me, we're hilarious, you'll love it. 

Our current campaign is PokeMoms, an adventure in both monster-and-child-rearing. Our players take the role of empty-nest parents who, for one reason or another, were not able to follow their youthful ambitions of becoming a Pokemon Trainer until now. It's funny, and cathartic, and will probably eventually reveal uncomfortable truths and deep-seated family traumas and get way too real for everybody. We hope you like it.

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