Melanated Community Radio is creating a platform that brings melanated people together

First Tier reward

$2 /mo
By a monthly contribution to Melanated Community Radio your supporting the improvement of the lives of people of colour globally.
Thank you for your support 

Second Tier Reward

$20 /mo
A signed copy of When Season's Change The Journey Begins by David Rattler 

Third Tier Reward

$50 /mo
Be a regular guess on one of our approved MCR Programs with one of our Station Manager or Host to discuss community projects, community defense, educations, and preservations of culture .

Fourth Tier Reward

$200 /mo
For a full hour be a co-Host on an approved MCR program with one of our station Managers, Program Host, or Project Manager, discuss issues with interviewees,voice your opinions live on air for our ...

Top Tier Reward

$500 /mo
Work with one of our Project Manager planning schedules, approving programs, and discuss ways to improve programming that moves MCR  toward the next evolution.