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I began the blog, Male Circumcision and HIV, in 2006 as a personal project at the start of the push to circumcise Africa in the name of HIV prevention by US non-profits and government. Since then, better minds have taken up this cause and exposed the absurdity and corruption behind the efforts to promote a cultural practice under the cloak of medical care.

Nevertheless, I continue to plod along, keeping the blog online, adding new posts occasionally, and generally keeping the website up for historical reference. Nowadays, the blog covers all aspects of circumcision and its impacts on children and adults, both male and female, who have suffered from it.

Of course, I would blog and write about this issue for free, and have for many years. However, I would like to become a regular, current, and reliable source of information again. With your help, I believe I can do that.

All donations go towards web hosting, SEO services, travel and documenting protests and other Intactivist events around the United States and occasionally abroad.

Thank you and welcome again to all prospective supporters!