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About MDTechVideos

WHAT IS MDTechVideos?

MDTechVideos is an educational and informative source for common issues and questions people may experience while using their computers. This channel offers content useful for a variety of Windows and macOS platforms, as well as browser and other applications. These tutorials are all freely available to viewers, unlike many computer "specialist" whose expense will often match or exceed the cost of the device itself. I believe this practice can be deceptive at times, and is a driving force behind the continued creations of MDTechVideos to provide free computer assistance. 


Ever since "adpocalypse" emerged on YouTube over the past year, advertisers have been very reluctant to place ads on videos. As a result, many of my completely advertisier-friendly tutorials have falsely been flagged as not-advertiser appropriate.  

While I have not contemplated, produced and edited a 1,500+ tutorial library for monetary gain, thousands of hours have been spent towards creating the tutorials that seek to help the community solve computer issues, as well as trying to connect with as many followers as possible. 

While I receive a cut of the advertisements that run before my tutorials, many people do NOT wish to view ads and run ad blockers. Though the cost of watching a 30 second ad as opposed to spending hundreds of dollars seems fair, many still do not see it that way. For people who want to support the content, Patreon gives you a way to make a small donation to my work to keep it up. If you choose to use adblocker and feel like you still want to help me make a living, here is the way to do it!

Your support will allow for continued tutorials from MDTechVideos for the foreseeable future. At the present, tutorials are scheduled daily, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. I love all kinds of technology, and with your support the channel will become stronger than ever.

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